Watchmen : Little Fear of Lightning

Episode 5

Sorry this is late it just took me forever to watch it.

We’ve found out more about Angela and met Laurie, everything seems to be coming together.

Who else forgot about the bloody squids?!

This episode is my favourite by far and it isn’t just because it brought back the squid thing which I had forgotten about but because it was centered on Wade who is by far one of my favourite characters.

To be honest Tim Blake Nelson nailed it all episode long too. It was one of the first episodes that didn’t have a heavy dose of Angela in it and in fact didn’t have much to do with anything but Wade and he carried the entire episode perfectly.

It was funny, it was sad and it made everything even more fuzzy around the edges.

Parts of the story are starting to come together in ways I never thought they would. The Kavalry, Judd, Adrian… All of them are starting to be connected and the bigger story is really starting to show though at the same time it is very hard to see where this is all going to end up and where someone like Wade is going to be in the end.

Specially after that ending.

I liked that they gave his mask a real meaning, it didn’t click right away that the flashback at the beginning was Wade but when it did everything else seemed to come into place and I enjoyed following him around and getting to know him a little better. I mean I still think there is much we don’t know but it just made me love him as a character even more.

Not only that but it was a much slower paced episode with not that much action in it which I enjoyed.

In a way I guess it felt more human.

Things that happened to Angela have been horrible and it is a very human story in its way but it is very much action packed and going at a million miles a hour. I guess seeing Wade doesn’t really fight or anything his story was bound to be a little slower and it just kind of fit better for me. I’ve always enjoyed the show but sometimes I find myself just staring at the TV and wondering how I missed something or even if I did miss it or if I wasn’t meant to know it in the first place.

That being said best part of the episode was Laurie telling Wade she had bugged his cactus.

Honestly Jean Smart is SOOO good in this. Her interactions with everyone are fantastic and her delivery on every sarcastic laced comment makes it hard to not laugh. I love Laurie so much and I kind of will be sad if Wade disappears because I really want to see them two and Angela at each others throats more often.

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