Silicon Valley : Maximizing Alphaness

Episode 4

A war has been won but at what price?

Whilst Pied Piper is still a thing, still chugging along, it can only be so long before something bad happens once more. I still really want the company to end its journey in a good place.

This episode kind of shuffled everything around a little.

I don’t know if it is Silicon Valley I keep saying this about or if it is just my new phrase for reviewing because I feel I’ve been saying that a lot recently but it really did.

Hooli is no longer a thing but Gavin Belson IS very much still a thing and his place in the world needed to be set in stone now that he hasn’t got Hooli. Similarly there seemed to be a need to bring Jared properly back into the fold which is kind of sad seeing that Gwart was in the office at this point and it feels like a pointless story in general, but more on Jared later. Also Lori and Monica had to have their “friendship” moment and by having Monica once more try to make herself out to be more then she is she kind of opened the door for a random employee at Pied Piper to stand out, if that story goes anywhere beyond this episode I would be surprised.

Also Gilfoyle got a new friend. Kinda.

My description right there might fill you with dread (well it probably won’t as it is so late you’ve probably seen the episode) but it kind of worked as it so often does.

Jared’s story was kind of sad, for some strange reason we got to see him meeting his biological parents for the first time and him coming to terms with the fact the he pushes people away, well he comes to that decision in the wrong way but it makes him want to start being close to Richard once more. That in itself can be a fun story to tell specially as he has the blockade of his protegee Holden in his way now and he is no longer afraid of Jared. Not only that but he is the perfect mini-Jared which is perfect.

I think that and maybe Gilfoyle’s end story are going to be the ones I enjoy the most.

Not just because they are my favourites but because they seem to be being given genuine stories going forward.

Who really cares that Dinesh came to terms with being a bad person? We all know he is and that is kinda the reason we love him and it wasn’t really development seeing that he kept doing shitty things anyway. In this episode he also doesn’t really do much other then push Richard into asserting his dominance over a former manager of his from Hooli who he employed after taking them over because he had a quick fix to Richard’s problem in Hawaii.

When it comes to Jared even though his story seemed forced in this episode it’ll be nice to see him just come to terms maybe with the fact that he is worth more then others give him credit for.

In fact the only person who seems to know his worth is Gavin Belson though he also knows that he is fast to jump ship too though I think he’s more loyal then Gavin gives him credit for it is just that Gavin isn’t a nice person… Hence leaving for Richard and even then Richard wasn’t exactly a nice person when he left for Gwart so when he can see talent he doesn’t always just run to the next talent he wants to be somewhere that he is needed and neither Gavin or Richard needed him or told him that he was needed.

I guess that is the point that Jared is coming to terms for and I hope that this is something that actually happens.

Gilfoyle though it showed that it was easy to actually get to Gilfoyle. Most people just see the grumpiness and give up but the weird Hooli employee that he was stuck with just silently played chess with him and whilst Gilfoyle inevitably didn’t accept his friends request he had to think about it.

I don’t want to see him be super social or have a giant group around him or anything like that but I would kind of like to see him open up to this guy and just see a different side to him. Like I love his interactions with Dinesh and as I said in the other episode they have a really sweet friendship even if all they do is bitch and moan at each other. Seeing Gilfoyle open up to someone else would be nice because he doesn’t come across as being so horrible like Dinesh but even Dinesh can be nice to people at times and have other friends… Well he doesn’t but I think you’ll understand what I mean.

Overall it was probably one of my favourite episodes of the season but I say that after every episode. This season really is going to be a tough one to say goodbye to.

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