After School Dice Club : The Fourth Friend

Episode 8

Yon-nin-me no Tomodachi” (4人めの友だち)

That blonde girl we kept seeing?

She’s here now.

That school festival?

We have that going on today.

After School Dice Club is back for a even more ridiculously cute episode full of lots of cutie pies being cute.

Emmy is blonde girls name and she seemingly is half German half Irish. Or German if you want. They had just opened up a board game cafe and the girls pop in which brings their Fourth Friend right to them.

I liked it, it was a nice way of bringing Emmy into the group and that was a obvious thing that was going to happen. Of course it is all coming together just perfectly for the plot and probably would have weighed better earlier in the season but I guess they wanted to show Miki’s story first then bring in another character.

Emmy is another Aya, not in a bad way either, they are both super positive and happy and it balances out the group.

Of course her being foreign and blonde means that she’s a hit at their school which helps a lot with Ren trying to sabotage their groups cafe, it doesn’t work for her though as Emmy brings in all the boys and not only is the cafe a success but once more Ren has to play a board game and kind of admit that she enjoyed it.

There was also another boy who looks to be the love interest for Miki going forward maybe? He was friends with the one from the other episode who likes Aya and I know I’m being bad reviewer here not knowing names but if you saw my last post on here you might understand why I’m being bad.

Again like the last episode the episode was split into two.

Introduction to Emmy was played out using Keltis, a Celtic inspired game where you have to accumulate the most points to win. It gave us a chance to get to know Emmy and her backstory a little as well as what kind of gamer she is, the whole point I guess we’re meant to take from it all was that Emmy truly was just so happy to have friends at this point and to have met the girls she overheard talking to a while back.

Keltis seems like a fun game (which you can read about HERE) and whilst it seemed super complicated watching the game play out showed that it actually really wasn’t all that difficult to understand.

I loved the Celtic feel to that part of the episode and it is again a game I would love to own if I had any friends to play it with.

Second half was all about the cafe and was a bit of a disappointment?

Like it felt more like a reason to get everyone in the same room together for a change and to start up this maybe love angle with Miki more then it was to show off a game or give a good ending to a story that had been being played out for a while.

Miki played Dobble, or Spot it! with the guys from the Student council (again you can learn about it HERE) which I don’t really know.

Game seemed fun but the point of it and the point of having this segment in the episode just didn’t work for me. I mean obviously I don’t know the name of the boy but his worry about naming the things on the card and all the rest of it just seemed forced, specially for a kid we’ve only just met and have 0 interest in.

Wasn’t bad though. I just feel a little let down that the pay off to the festival stuff was kind of rushed and used as a way to introduce Emmy.

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