The Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious” : This Lady Knight is Too Doglike

Episode 7

Kono jo kishi ga inu ppo sugiru” (この女騎士が犬っぽすぎる)

With the Dragonkin finished with and the sword they needed not acquired but Elulu safe and sound we have our new threat in front of us.

We started off in a pretty serious situation and ended up like always in a ridiculous one.

What is there to say about it other then that?

Our next challenge is Beel Bub who isn’t one of the Demon Knights but a giant fly which on the surface doesn’t actually sound that terrifying and… Without his actions he kind of isn’t. He is literally just a giant fly.

That being said his actions are what makes him scary.

Flies have good evasion, it makes sense, they are airborne and in reality are pretty fast. His speed is off the charts but we don’t even need to see that because his minions swoop down and enact “reverse fireworks” which basically meant we saw soldiers dropped to their death and blood raining down in the forest.

It was a spooky way to start the show, gave us a look at the next challenge but also gave us a look at our next allies weak point as the Doglike Knight is Rosalie, heir to the throne, who would rather send her soldiers in waves to be killed by the flies then come up with a plan. Even when she does try and make up a plan her plan is to do it straight away and not give survivors a chance to breath.

This is one of the problems the show kind of has though.

We’ve now seen a more human side to Seiya but at the same time him getting annoyed at Rosalie for her lack of strategy which leads to her people being killed kind of doesn’t really mesh with the man that literally didn’t seem to care what happened to the people in the first village he entered and will happily destroy buildings all day long.

As I’ve said before this is where they’ve missed a beat with him and his character.

That being said it was nice that he did feel strongly against someone who would sacrifice her men to gain a victory and then get angry at someone for seemingly not “helping” in a situation where there could be no help.

I want to see how they work together going forward, at the moment he went back to the Divine Realm to be taught how to use a bow and the Goddess teaching him MIGHT be about to start a problem with him whilst Elulu and Mash are going to have their powers unlocked by Ariadoa. I won’t go into the Divine Realm stuff though because it was much the same as the last 100 times they’ve visited.

Which is kind of why I didn’t like that part of the episode.

Sure I knew he would want to go and train and there would be something new he would have to learn to beat Beel Bub but at the same time there was such a good story brewing between him and Rosalie and even though it turned into a ridiculous she tries to attack him and he reverses and slaps her routine which, again is borderline for me, that was where the story was. So much emotion being poured into it by Rosalie that when he goes back that tension will all be gone.

For us, not for Rosalie.

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