Hataage! Kemono-Michi : Animal x Event

Episode 8

Kemonā × Kōgyō” (ケモナー × 興行)

We have made it to the point where wrestling will exist in this world.

Actual. Wrestling.

According to Genzo at least of course seeing that no one but him knows what pro wrestling is. Well MAO does too but he hasn’t shown up yet.

I mean there was a sharpshooter in this episode which instantly makes it the best episode of this show so far.

It was also one of the most perverted when Genzo went on a talent scouting mission…

Or a furry scouting mission?

I mean he went to all the Beastmen he knew and asked them to join the wrestling so he could get a reason to touch them but that didn’t stop it actually being a great little group that they brought together and there was even some of the heroes from the Guild involved.

Everything felt like it kind of went at lightening fast speeds but it kind of suited the episode a bit. Going from the scouting to the training without lingering on either, having the training be over with super fast and then the show itself only overlooking bits and pieces here with the main event being the focus was good.

Honestly I think they did the wrestling side of it really well and whilst of course Genzo is always going to be Genzo I really enjoyed watching the way they showed the characters wrestling. As I said there was a Sharpshooter! Plenty of the moves were easy to recognize and I liked at the end that after moaning that there wasn’t enough drama or stories in the show that Wolfgang showed up and they made a bit of a story out of that.

So if they are going forward with the wrestling story I’m all for it, if this was a one off then it really is a bit of a shame because it was just super good.

Now the Princess has one of their flyers and knows basically who the Hero she’s looking for is and MAO is on his way too and apparently will bring a army of Demon Beasts which probably won’t go down well for him.

Really fun episode.

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