Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : Didn’t I Say We Should Take Breaks Sometimes?!

Episode 7

Our favourite girls are back ones more and with a title like this we can but hope that all the feels are going for a little bit at least and we’re going to get a cute little episode where no one makes me cry at 6am in the morning!


Not only is it a fan service episode but it is a fan service episode because Mile wants the fan service friendship beach times with her friends so creates the fan service episode that she’s always dreamed of.

So this episode was cute and it was fun like the show always is. There isn’t much to it other then solidifying the fact that Mile now has a friendship group, a group that she has always kind of wanted and has grown to the point that even after nearly 20 years of being on her own and having to entertain herself she no longer finds much fun if she isn’t with her friends.

It was a cute message to nail home to us.

We got a little look into the personalities of all the characters as well which is fun but ultimately the episode just didn’t do much else. Great episode but what is there to say about it other then how cute it was?

That being said it has given us a hint at what is to come next and even the mystery of what happened to Pauline.

By the end of the episode the girls were returning to their base of operations when Pauline notices a guard/soldier watching them, by the time the others had stopped joking around about Mile’s bad beach idea and turned to Pauline she had disappeared. Whether she had been kidnapped, which feels unlikely, or slipped off to find out what is going on, which also feels unlikely, we don’t know.

I said in the last review that it’ll be interesting to see if the story of the soldiers turns to anything after all I think I’m correct in that the soldiers that were disrupting the trades and killing merchants were from the city they are based in? I might be wrong but either way making enemies to a government or group like a military group can’t be good for the girls and this is the first sign that no. No it wasn’t a good thing for them.

Again whether that is what it is I don’t know yet but it seems the obvious answer.

It also gave us a little to make us think waiting for next weeks episode which should be a belter.

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