Babylon : The Most Evil

Episode 7

Saiaku” (最悪)

I really struggle to get my thoughts on this show written down. It is such a interesting show but it also baffles the hell out of me.

So here is the thing.

We have kind of a really interesting debate about suicide, a intriguing plot where you just don’t really understand where Itsuki is coming from or what it is that is really his plans.

Then you have this supernatural side where a woman is so alluring that she just has to whisper close to someone and they want to commit suicide. It is constantly likened to sex but even now with two different people describing it that hasn’t helped in the least to understand it.

Visually it is a amazing series to watch.

Don’t get me wrong it is super uncomfortable viewing too. In most episodes someone dies, this time the entire task force commit suicide as well as Magase cutting up Sekuro with a axe. So it is hard to watch but you keep watching because it doesn’t just grip you but kind of becomes everything as you try and piece things together. It isn’t doing anything special on screen to keep your attention but it does.

Story wise you can’t help but want to continue watching it to learn the answers to all the questions.

Every episode though gives you more questions because even when a character decides to explain themselves that explanation either gets turned on its head or just isn’t that easy to understand.

We thought we had a grasp on the Suicide law after the debate and Taiyo ended up being Itsuki’s son but it turns out his “mother” was Magase and once again those two work to kill anyone and everyone they can. Is Taiyo really either of their sons? Was this just a power play on their behalf? Who even knows at this point?

Would we even believe the truth when it is revealed?

Will it ever be revealed at this point?

Could there ever be a explanation that fits everything we’ve seen? All the deaths? All the half baked explanations so far?

As I said the suicide law and to a point someone convincing people to commit suicide isn’t all that outlandish. I talked about (or at least think I did whilst being too lazy to go double check) cases in the news where people have talked their exes into committing suicide and that now being something courts are taking seriously and punishing. That being said they were exes that were pushing buttons on people who they knew well enough and would know were close to the edge, maybe they didn’t truly mean it or think that they would do it but whilst it is a real thing it also doesn’t compare in the slightest to someone that makes someone so horny that they want to kill themselves just with a single whisper in their ear.

Like how will Magase ever be explained?

She can’t and she won’t but she is also the most important part of the puzzle.

Itsuki has no impact with his words.

To take a bigger problem into consideration and bring it to reality let us take Brexit.

People hated Brexit, if you look online to this day you would have to ask how the heck it got voted for when no one seems to want it. Since it has been a thing we’ve had a general election and people STILL voted for the party who want to deliver Brexit at any costs voting against parties that either want a second referendum or to make it disappear altogether. Thankfully most sane minded people call out the Lib Dems for being undemocratic and people aren’t JUST voting for one thing. Jeremy Corbyn can say what he wants but his words don’t touch people, or haven’t in the past, to make them vote for him the anti-Brexit party leader.

That is Itsuki.

No one WANTS the suicide law. No one wants to die, no one truly, happily goes to their death unless their life is truly in their opinion unlivable. Even people who commit suicide usually don’t want to it is just the last fix to a problem that they can’t handle.

The permanent fix that will make it all go away.

In the show we are told time and time again that no one wants the suicide law. True his words to Taiyo might change people’s minds but it still is just words. It isn’t something that changes minds. It is something based in reality that we are currently in the UK seeing and soon will be seeing in other countries (maybe even right now I don’t really do world politics) were politicians throw empty words at us and we just have to make our minds up on the day because no one truly knows what they really want to do or will do but you have to have good faith in them.

Magase makes this terrifying and you don’t even know what it is she wants. She isn’t a politician, she hasn’t given us any kind of backstory to herself whether it be a lie or not. All we know is she turns people on so much that they want to kill themselves which is baffling. It isn’t even a interesting part, the second it got chucked in a barrel with sex and we had people just go on making no sense about basically how horny they are to kill themselves and I lost interest in learning what it is Magase does to people.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want a satisfying connection to her and Itsuki and a actual answer to what the suicide law really is, why she’s supporting it when she’s perfectly happy to carve someone up or anything else that this show has brought up.

It also doesn’t make it less terrifying knowing they’ve created basically a siren who just has to speak whilst walking by you to make you kill yourself. Literally no one is safe.

It honestly baffles me.

Also whilst editing parts of this it also baffles me why they don’t use Magase to whisper in people’s ears just to be horny to vote for Itsuki or whatever. Like why does this all have to come down to killing people? I get that it is because she’s EVIL [insert evil laughter here] but again because we have no real connection to Itsuki and her I don’t get why he is so happy to kill people when her “powers” could just make people vote for him and his law anyway.

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