Anime Highlights Week 45

11th – 17th November 2019

Last week was a good week to be watching Anime other then that fact that Vinland Saga took a week off which was horrifying when I realised because OMG was that show getting good (it was already good but it was about to be amazing GODDAMMIT I NEEDED MY THORKELL!) this week hopefully will see even more amazing stuffs going down.


This week Average Abilities didn’t stop wringing us for every emotion possible.

Happiness, sadness, despair, relief…

I cried, I honestly cried and I’m not afraid to admit that. The episode was so good and was the culmination of Reina’s backstory as well as the beginning of a possible story down the line where the girls might have to deal with something much bigger then taking care of golems and helping out with bandits.

It was such a well structured story over three episodes that every single moment in the episode hit exactly the right spots.

Minor Characters with Mega Development!

So like I said in my review, After School Dice Club is awesome even as a group of single stories just highlighting the games that are being played. What I really loved this week is that some of the characters we’ve met along the way came back and not only were used to help develop small stories or the main characters but got development themselves.


Maki got development and I love Maki so I was happy to see she got some love in the story.

It was sad to hear that she had such a bad home life as a kid but seeing that she grew into such a great human who has compassion and will rush to save anyone is wonderful. Plus in her own way she tried to bring Miki out of her shell but also let her know that she has to play to her own strengths and not look at how Maki lives her life and think that that is the only way to be strong.

Maki is great.

Story Time!

For a change Assassins Pride was all about having fun and in another moment taken straight out of Harry Potter, this time the films, there was a interesting story being told in this one.

Luc said it best when he said we could do with more episodes like this.

Everything always has to be about killing Melida instead of us getting to see what a wonderful character she and Ellie actually are so it was nice to have them just act like kids and hang out with other kids.

Plus the story was amazing.

Scary, sad, romantic and then abused by Rosetti and Kufa to terrify the kids. A better story could not exist if it tried.

Actual Character!

So there is a lot I guess I could say about this weeks Cautious Hero but the one biggest positive is Seiya actually coming across as having a character of his own.

It sounds really silly but up until this point he’s kind of felt like some kind of over the top stereotype of the kind of person who plays RPGs like he acts in the anime with no actual character. Sure he was moody and the comedy came from him looking at this like a game but it grew stale super fast.

There was a tiny flash in the last episode or the episode before that showed he had a reason to be the way he is and suddenly he just feels like more then a one dimensional joke and jab at gamers.

It was probably the most refreshing thing this entire week.

Maybe TOO Many Characters!

I love Fire Force as you all know. We have had our ups and downs but overall I have just enjoyed the entire series for its story and characters.

That being said for the first time this half of the season I felt like that rushed feeling came back as the episode this week ended up being a bit of a mess with WAY too many characters showing up.

I don’t think I explained it well in the review and I don’t think I’ll be able to explain it in general but there was just something that made my mind melt when time after time instead of letting those in the story actually find their way out of their predicament they had to rely on random people showing up to do random stuff.

Hibana makes sense. I don’t have to like her but she makes sense. That being said for me even though her spying on Shinra and coming when she heard trouble being a obvious story to tell she’s used TOO much in my opinion as a get out of jail free card for Company 8 when she isn’t even in their Company.

I get it, I get that she has a crush on Shinra and I also get that she wasn’t even in the last story with Beni.

That being said it didn’t give Vulcan any chance to shine, Arthur was made to look super weak and Company 8 looks like they can’t defeat anyone anymore without their senior staff around.

Which is strange seeing most of the time it is Shinra with help from all sorts of others that sort it out.

Then again if it was just Hibana I might not care.

After a meeting with Sho though Victor, someone we still know nothing about, shows up to save the day once more.

Hibana herself asks the question of why he was there and whether it was because he works with the Evangelists which he shrugs off with a “why would I save him if I was” which is true. Sho is in some way a leader of this group and he wanted Shinra apprehended so he can’t be part of their group at least.

Did we need the whole “what is Victor up to?” mystery in this episode though?

Then just as Sho makes a final stand Joker, who hasn’t really been seen for ages, shows up to help Shinra. He gives no real reason why he’s standing between Sho and Shinra or anything else so on top of Victor being a mystery we return back to the original mystery that is Joker.

All that whilst they are running away, convincing Vulcan to join them, eating food and all other things.

It was just too much for one episode.


Always, always with the battles. It wouldn’t be a week in anime without some battles coming somewhere.

The first of which I saw was the girls taking on the Bandits/Guards in Average Abilities but other then the very end with Reina showing that she’s learnt her lesson it wasn’t much to talk about.

Next up though we had a impossible battle between Seiya and Leviae. The Hero vs Dragon that only went in the favor of the Hero because he over thinks and over plans. With two Dragon Killer swords, a heck ton speed berries or whatever they were and overthinking everything that is happening he was able to not just harm the Leader of the Dragonkin but shove her off the side of a cliff and out think her completely.

That is our Seiya!

Those in power tend to use it to harm those without it!

Ok so that wasn’t what Shinobu said in High School Prodigies but it is a very real and very chilling lesson to learn.

It is a universal truth though.

Positions of power aren’t full of evil people but evil people go to them because it is their way of getting the power they need to make other people miserable. Bad politicians, police, firemen, doctors, teachers, managers etc aren’t the norm but they are the ones that stick with you and they go into these professions because they are power hungry and ready to hurt others.

In High School Prodigies it is Oslo El Gustav that is the main problem.

Obsessed with the beauty of things he doesn’t care if the poor die to make his dream of things being beautiful come true. His people are killing travelers and eating them because he turned poor farm lands into proper cities and made them pay for it. They have to stand outside for a roll call where they tell the army that they are happy and well fed and a child can be beaten in front of everyone for having dirt on their sleeve.

That isn’t to mean everything is as it seems as we learn in this episode but it is a horrible lesson that one must learn in life that Power attracts those who would use it against others.

Some things just don’t feel right!

Have a look at High School Prodigies OP…

Now tell me if you can believe this is the show that had villagers murdering and eating travelers, someone smashing their head against a wall till he bled and a near miss with a torture scene? Child being beaten in the streets… Lord sending a golden spear to destroy his foes…

Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t really matter what a OP looks like but the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a saying because people DO judge it.

A streamer I follow was going on about anime the other day and he jokingly was saying he should have his followers recommend him some to watch and I instantly thought of this one (among others to be fair) but then thought of the OP and just don’t think anyone would really believe me if I told them that this OP was for a anime with murder, cannibalism, war, revolutions, torture and rape in it.

Of course I’m doing it no favors by naming the horrible things and acting like it is gross or over the top with it either because it isn’t, it is very tasteful in nearly everything it does and has a great cast that tend to make some of the worst moments of the show OK.

My point is… It just doesn’t really fit.

Let me have a final rant about Main please?!

So I have decided to continue with Ascendance of a Bookworm and that means that I won’t be complaining all the time about Main being super annoying. So here is my last “this is why I hate her” rant other then maybe a end of year rant on why she’s the worst character ever created. I might even just make a I hate Main blog at some point.

This is a woman from our world who wanted to be a Librarian.

Her mum seemingly was very crafty and she grew up to be a Librarian.

We know nothing about her life other then she likes books and was a Librarian but died shortly after becoming a Librarian. Also that her mum being crafty meant that she was crafty too.

So where in all that does becoming a business woman fall?

Why is someone whose mum was obviously extremely hands on and nice have such hatred towards nice parents?

Like take away from things that she seems to know a lot of for no reason and let us focus on her character.

She’s rude. She’s stuck up. She’s envious of other people having nice things. She’s ungrateful for what she does have. She’s judgmental for the wrong reasons. She’s a hypocrite. She uses people with no actual care for their feelings. She’s self absorbed and selfish in general. She looks down on the poor even though she is poor.

In 7 episodes there hasn’t been a single nice thing she’s done.

Shampoo was done because she didn’t want her hair to be greasy anymore and she shared it with her sister and mum not because she’s nice but because she thinks it is what is best for them.

Sure she made a nice hair ornament for her sisters baptism but the entire thing was about telling her sister she could be better when her sister is doing her best for her family in the conditions that her life has given her.

Even trying to help Lutz find his own path that wasn’t dangerous and horrible like a traveling merchant turned out to be she knew best and twisting it around so that he’d become her personal paper merchant.

If there has been a instant of her being nice then it has been shrouded in her inability to look past herself and her needs. Nothing has ever been done due to actual feelings for other people, in fact she seems to look at absolutely everyone like their feelings don’t matter.

Then you add in the fact that for a LIBRARIAN she knows EVERYTHING about crafting, woodwork, nature, business, politics… She literally is just a walking encyclopedia for EVERYTHING.


Why is it needed?!

She always has to be better then everyone else and now, NOW we learn this “devouring” actually means Main, the actual child not this bitch from our world, has mana in her. Mana is something only Nobles are meant to have so now when she finds this out she’s going to once again think she’s special.

Because the anime has made her special.

Because she just has to be the most special, amazing and knowledgeable human ever.

Fuck my life does that annoy me.

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