Vinland Saga : Out of the Cradle

Episode 18

 “Yuri kago no soto” (ゆりかごの外)

Vinland Saga is back with our duel between Thorfinn and Thorkell as well as Bjorn and just about everyone else that followed him and the Prince.

Was it worth the wait?

Actually no. No it wasn’t.

Not that it was a bad episode it just seemed to go completely over my head if I’m honest with you.

I get what it was meant to be. it was meant to show us how Canute went from a God fearing, kind and gentle soul to what I guess is going to be Viking King material. His view on love was shattered by the Priest and instead he decided to take the building of paradise into his own hands ending the fight between Bjorn and the remaining brother whose name I completely don’t know honestly.

Thing is there was a lot of talk that I just didn’t care for.

Whilst the Priest might have been saying something important that I might or might not have agreed with he went on about it in such a metaphorical way that I had no idea what he really was talking about.

It focused on Love and how Love isn’t caring for someone or laying down your life for them but being selfless.

To the Priest a dead body is the definition of Love because it’ll lie there and become food for the animals and never complain, the bones will become one with the Earth and so on and so forth.

I didn’t get it.

There has always been something weird about the Priest, I forget if we were told the exact reason he lost his faith and he’s spent most of the series drunk, complaining about not being drunk or coming to terms with nonsense. Now he’s spread his nonsense and whilst his words were the only ones that got through to the Prince and made him act like one he didn’t even really know he was doing it.

After the Prince did do his job as the Prince the Priest claimed it as a miracle.

Now I get that I’m looking at it with modern eyes and the Priest himself is a drunk, nothing he witnessed was a miracle and his ramblings in the episode were nothing more then a depressed drunkards ramblings. The only difference between him and the poor bloke at the bar in your local is that the “girl that left him” is actually God and his heartbreak he has to bore you with is all metaphorical instead of being sadness at the one that got away.

In between all this we saw flashes of the fight between Thorfinn and Thorkell which was never given any time to shine and therefore I think I missed the end of it but that itself promised some information on Thors and Thorkell that never arrived, in this episode I guess, because it was too busy focusing on this giant debate about Love.

That a drunk was giving to a child.

Visually I guess it was amazing and having this speech play out whilst panning over a field of death, breaking away to a fight to the death and right next to a guy who had turned Berserk was pretty great.

Just a shame that what was being said twisted my brain up so much in the first half that when the midway credits hit I honestly was so exhausted I was angry that I was only half way through the episode.

So disappointed in this episode.

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