His Dark Materials : The Spies

Episode 3

After the shocking revelations of the last episode who has Lyra? Will Coulter be able to find her again and who will end up in her path of destruction?

Whoever took Lyra in the last episode it was the Gyptian’s that now have her as for Coulter finding her thankfully the answer is no and just about everyone in the world is technically in her way and therefore in the path of her destruction.

This episode had one of the most haunting scenes I have seen on TV recently, when the airships and just normal ships came towards the Gyptians and it was time to hide Lyra just the picture of all those ships with the men all clad in black was as intimidating to me sat at home watching it on the TV as it should be for the characters living through it on the show.

Then again this show could be as pretty as you want it to be but the strength of the show rests on the shoulders of the actors and there isn’t a weak spot in the entire show.

Now that the Gyptians have had time to flourish and my original thought that they might just be the best group came true I am so hooked on this show I hate I have to wait another week. Anne-Marie Duff and James Cosmo are electric in their roles and work so well with Dafne Keen who is still the highlight of every week. The quiet moments between Lyra and Farder as he tries to win her trust as well as her finally entrusting him and showing him her compass were breathtaking scenes.

Not only that but Ruth Wilson was a star as Coulter started to slowly break down and become more and more desperate.

Everything about the show this week made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up it was that good.

It is time now though that the Gyptians, with Lyra, go North and try to find out just what it is that Coulter are doing with their children. There was a sad death as two Gyptians broke into Coulters rooms to get the plans on what they were doing but mainly we saw how the Gyptians handle their business and one rousing speech from Lyra later and they were plunged into a world where they couldn’t really do anything but go North and fight for themselves.

There is one part of the show though that I don’t care about and that is Boreal’s story in the alternative Oxford.

I don’t really know what he’s up to and I don’t really enjoy the cut away from their Oxford to ours. It is, I think, meant to open up the question of how different the two worlds really are as they talk about how John Parry, the guy whose head Asriel was meant to have brought back, was actually born in our Oxford but had a Daemon anyway.

Nothing about that story interests me though which makes it difficult to get through those segments as it takes away from everything else but as the rest of the show is so good it doesn’t bother me too much I just kind of wish I cared more for it.

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