Fairy Gone 2 : Sad Voice and Black Book

Episode 19

Kanashī Koe to Kuroi Hon” (悲しい声と黒い本)

This show by far is one of the most disappointing series I’ve ever watched and it isn’t because the show is inherently bad or that I hate it but because episodes like this show the endless potential it had to be a gripping, dramatic and action packed adventure in a land recovering from war but still at war behind the scenes with each other.

Why couldn’t it be this good all the time?

OK so it wasn’t the best of episodes anyway but that was because it had a lot of explaining to do and why these episodes always seem to have 20 minutes of talking half the time is because they waste the other episodes with 20 minutes of Maryla getting the same life lesson or now Free joining her in having to have the lessons he was telling her told to him. Add in Ver and Wolfran and then you get episodes like this where instead of slowly drip feeding us what Fairy-Possession meant (not that we didn’t get it by the name) or what the Ministry of Fairies was up to we need Damien to tell us it all before they can move into action.

Of course action couldn’t be in this episode because surrounding the Ministry and having Nein give a motivational speech to Dorothea.

Which I’m not angry about because it was a great ending to the episode.

So it wasn’t the best of episodes but it once again put the world and threat into focus instead of vaguely having it in the background and going about its own business. I felt we truly learnt something about what has been going on and whilst I would have liked more interest in the Black Tome from Dorothea seeing that was mainly what they were hunting for in the two series or us getting to see more of the plots going on in the background at any given time we at least are there right now.

For a start seeing Maryla’s Fairy able to calm and free Ozz’s from Michael was a great moment.

Maryla isn’t unique and being Fairy-Possessed seems to be quite common for people in her village, maybe the Fairies come to them when they are in need or something else who knows, but it also means that both Ver and Ray Dawn are Fairy-Possessed meaning more then anything their Fairies are happily co-existing with them because they want to instead of being forced to.

In some ways Maryla’s Fairy has shown that it has more free will then others kind of do and in this episode it got such a important power in being able to remove a Fairy from a Fairy soldier. It opens the door to Maryla being the one able to end all this fighting over Fairies by removing them from everyone when this is all over and done with or it gives a personal end to the story for someone like Free or Wolfran who might want to be freed from their Fairies after this story is over.

It was also just nice that the show gave Ozz’s Fairy a happy ending as it where.

Not only was it forced to live with Ozz in the first place but after he died it was forced into someone else which must have been horrendous for him, so it was nice to see that there was a good ending that didn’t need to have any death whatsoever.

Yeah it might have been the most average of episodes but as this show can really reach a bottom of the barrel feel at times pretty average for this show is paramount to S Tier Ranks in others.

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