The Anxiety Experiment #7 : Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc – Prologue & Chapter 1

So notes. First up there are two videos not because I was great and finished a recording after the Prologue but because I stupidly turned off Streamlabs whilst trying to turn something else off and stopped my stream because I’m a moron.

Secondly when I started recording the second I put on Twitch in Chrome to check that the stream had started again and because my wire for my headphones is busted I didn’t realise that it was echoing in the background so for like 30 minutes of this video there might be a echo…

Also if you don’t know, Danganronpa is a Visual Novel so this basically means it is about 5 and a half hours all in all of me talking.

So enjoy my annoying voice.

This stream was actually super easy for some reason.

For the first time I didn’t have to sit there for like 10 minutes getting the bravery I needed to press stream, I didn’t really care what I was saying in the beginning and just started to talk for no reason.

Funnily enough I think it was because I was kind of pissed anyway.

I said in the Stardew video that I had kind of wanted to go out because of the nice weather and I had made it clear I wanted to go out ever since Thursday but because I hate going out on my own I didn’t have anyone to go out with which sucked. I was stuck in doors again with the only person who could have gone anywhere with me once more busy.

There is a reason that pissed me off but I won’t go into it. It isn’t as weird or selfish as it seems but it is about my family so I can’t really talk about it.

So maybe being angry is the way forward?

Not only that so many people have been going and checking out the Danganronpa reviews on here recently that I just wanted to play the game so bad yesterday. I say it in the video (I think) that I played this game for like nearly 40 hours to complete it the first time and it just feels bad putting that many hours into a game to complete it a second time so knowing that I could stream it made it easier to play it without feeling like I was wasting my day and stream.

I mean I didn’t have to think up something to talk about for 5 hours, I just read most of what was happening until nearer the end when my voice just gave up, it was hard though because my headphones made it impossible sometimes to figure out what was actually being voice acted and what wasn’t being voice acted so sometimes I even spoke over things.

Thing is even with all the problems I had it didn’t put me off streaming which I guess is the biggest thing?

Like it is so easy to get disheartened when things go wrong but I just laughed them off.

Maybe I’m just getting better at it?

Maybe my bad mood just made me better at it?

Who knows. Who knows.

Also I don’t know if I ever shared either of the links before but if you want to follow me on Twitch or Subscribe to me on YouTube the links are below.

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