No Guns Life : Hero

Episode 6

Eiyū” (英雄)

EMS want Juzo to go after Hayden Gondry and in return right now they’ll keep his friends and Tetsuro safe in their custody.

Now we’ll get to see something of Juzo’s actual job.

First up we got to see him working with Cronen and I really enjoyed their chemistry together.

Everyone in this world come across as jaded and angry but if you look at the world that they are in that doesn’t really surprise anyone. Cronen doesn’t like Extended’s but then when you are face to face with someone who has been Extended in a fight you’d be scared. Even the smallest of Extensions can make the difference and I’m sure someone like Cronen who works on arresting Extended’s who have done wrong has seen the worst that they can do.

That being said he doesn’t turn his nose up at helping out Juzo when it is obvious that in doing so he can do the right thing.

Whilst both don’t like each other they both want to bring Gondry in.

It was the car stuff that got me though. Seeing how much Cronen loved the car made me feel like somehow Juzo was accidentally going to destroy it, there is still time for that, but it is that small room for funny things happening in the middle of something seriously dramatic that makes the show refreshing in some ways.

Even when Gondry was lurking around and everything was terrifying there were little moments like Juzo hitting his head on the car when they stopped of just after Cronen accidentally kicked the back of Juzo’s head that made you laugh out loud seconds before something as terrifying as the little girl turning into Gondry.

Why Mega Armed decided to run off with the little girl I don’t know but this is kind of his own doing.

No Guns Life continues to be one of the strongest anime of the season, whilst it isn’t explosive in the same way as some, over hyped as others or maybe doesn’t have the reach of some of them when you get over the premise of the main character and start indulging in the lore and gritty backdrop for the story then you are rewarded weekly with top quality action, great character development and dialogue and some of the best animated cityscapes you can ask for.

It tends to be the show I look forward to the most.

This week was no exception and whilst it never gives you room to breath always running from one big adventure to the next it is always so easy to follow.

Plus Juzo is just one of the best main characters ever.

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