Fire Force : Black and White and Gray

Episode 17

Kuro to Shiro to Haiiro” (黒と白と灰色)

The fight with Giovanni is on but how will they win with their strongest fighter, now that Arthur doesn’t feel like a Knight, down?

There was so much to love about this episode honestly I am finding it hard to put into words.

For a start the actual episode was a mess.

It jumped through so many different important set pieces and left you kind of wanting more on all of it but in the end it came together in a decent enough way.

Both Hibana and Victor seemingly showed up for no reason, at least it is within both of their characters as Hibana planted a wire on Iris to keep a eye on Shinra and Victor is a mystery so why he showed up is part of his mystery. Then just as it looked like not even both of them showing up was going to be enough Joker made one of his rare appearances to help as well.

See what I mean by a mess?

Saying that though it all came together to just make you excited for the next story.

We finally saw Sho and Shinra come together, Shinra who has always thought his little brother was dead and all he wants to do is protect him even though he is the enemy and Sho who hates him but doesn’t even know him.

That scene was so sweet to watch but heartbreaking as you see Sho just have no emotions towards his brother at all.

Vulcan also had to decide on whether or not he’d join the Company and finally, especially after sharing a meal with them, decided that he would. Such a huge decision by him that I don’t think anyone in the Company realises as he goes to his grandfather and fathers grave to ask if he is disowned whilst saying he is still going to join them.

It was just a beautiful mess of lots of different things.

There is a part of me that would have liked it to have been Obi that showed up to help, I feel like Hibana is overused to a point as she isn’t even part of Company 8. As I said earlier it is in character that she would be spying on Shinra and I guess it would have stopped Victor being there being much of a mystery but I would have liked to have seen someone other then Hibana show up.

I also would have probably liked less people to have shown up honestly. I know it was only three to come help then Sho who we knew was on his way but having Hibana show up out of nowhere, Victor show up out of nowhere and Joker who I had all but forgot show up out of nowhere was a bit much.

Kind of annoyed that there wasn’t a little more to Giovanni/Lisa/Shinra or Giovanni meeting with the Evangelists after all this or Sho/Shinra or just anything like that, not enough not to have loved the episode for what it was but I can’t get over the feeling that the entire first half of the episode was just so messy and rushed that they missed out on really important moments just to throw in some stupid moments, some surprises and a whole bunch of characters that just didn’t need to be there.

But we have Vulcan now and he and Obi look like they might end up being a great duo so there is that.

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