Dr. Stone : The Age of Energy

Episode 20

Dōryoku no Jidai” (動力の時代)

We know that Tsukasa will be on his way and that Senku wants to make mobile phones and for me I thought that it wasn’t a logical step.

This episode tells us why it is, why it is doable and just how far they’ve all come.

See I was under the impression that Tsukasa would want to march straight away but he isn’t as war minded as I thought he was and instead he’s well aware that in winter they would maybe not fare as well as they would in the Spring or Summer so their march to the Kingdom of Science will have to wait a entire season giving Senku a few months to get everything he needs to make some sort of communication device.

It also looks like the making of this device is going to be as fun as the drugs were, maybe with a lot less side stories going on.

For a start to make the item he needs to make the gold wire he needs to produce Cotton Candy! As the machines are the same they used the experiment with Cotton Candy to find out how the gold wire would come out, after realising that the Cotton Candy was clumpy they were able to create gears to help produce the wire they needed. All this gave birth to the idea of a water wheel to Chrome who went with the old man and made one giving the Kingdom of Science power without the need of two people spinning a wheel constantly.

In one episode they naturally just moved from the starting point to having Cotton Candy, gears, gold wiring and a unending supply of energy.

Freeing up people to work, giving them technology to make food that will keep moral up and starting on their path to getting a communication device. None of it felt like we were cheated and they even had time to show a softer side to Senku who is well aware that Homura is still watching over them so takes some Cotton Candy to her. He says so she would tell Tsukasa’s side and some might desert for it but as Ruri points out mainly because he is the better person.

She might be the enemy but she’s not harming them right now so why not share?

Personally my favourite part of the episode was Chrome making the water wheel with the old man.

How important that part of the episode was I feel got downplayed a little bit. Sure it wasn’t downplayed that we have a water wheel now but I feel the fact that Chrome, who had never seen one before or even know really of anything like that, came up with the idea, plans and construction of it on his own.

Of course he had the old man to help him but this idea was born from Chrome, not even Senku had thought about it and he lived in a time where they were a thing.

The fact that whilst Chrome was a Scientist for their time he couldn’t ever comprehend anything we had before the Petrification. For him to have this idea, one that is so life changing and a giant leap in technology for where they were, shows that Senku is rubbing off on him. If he’s rubbing off on him then slowly others will start to listen and come up with other ideas, whilst I doubt we’ll see it but who wants to bet that fat guy that loves all the food won’t see all the random things that Senku does and decides to go out and actually become a chef? Or Kinro and Ginro come up with brilliant battle techniques they couldn’t have ever thought of without something that Senku has shown them?

Not only is this show exciting because it is cool to see what Senku does from scratch it is starting to get exciting seeing how his influence can change people and how he’s kind of kick started their revolution to the point that they themselves are coming up with things that Senku knows of but doesn’t think about.

How exciting is that?

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