Ascendance of a Bookworm : Seeds of Suspicion

Episode 7

Fushin-kan no Mebae” (不信感の芽生え)

This is it ladies and gentlemen. If this episode annoys me even in the slightest then I am not watching the series anymore. If it doesn’t and I get through it I promise that I’ll ignore everything that annoys me about Mine and try and latch onto SOMETHING to enjoy about it.

So does it pass the cut after 7 episodes?

Benno and Mark might be the saving grace of this show. As well as Lutz of course.

So yes I will and I will stop complaining about Main and I won’t even complain about her in this review either, mainly because she wasn’t that bad in this episode anyway.

I like the Benno doesn’t care if he’s harsh or mean to her. Whilst he has her best interests at heart because her best interests are his best interests, he refuses to let her work unless Lutz is around, she’s not allowed to do heavy lifting or anything that might make her ill and he doesn’t care what she says or does. He’s a shrewd businessman that gets the rights to the Shampoo without having to give her any credit or money for it, once again a tiny little knock back to Main proving she isn’t as perfect as she thinks she is.

What I really liked in the episode though was Lutz went from just helping her to realising something is wrong.

Now I don’t think this is going to be a long standing thing, he’s already kind of forgiven her whilst at the same time he’s still kind of suspicious but they had him do the one thing that I hate about this series. Instead of having him stand his ground they turned it into HIS problem. Instead of being suspicious he was jealous, he didn’t like that she knew complicated words or calculations and he felt like she didn’t need him.

With the next episode being called Lutz’s Main there is all the chance in the world that this will go nowhere but just that line about how from the day that he had that conversation with her he hadn’t called her Main gave me some hope that Lutz might actually break this. Just after this though he goes back to being Lutz again and whilst he still has suspicion in his eyes sometimes, which is great animation to be honest that you can tell it, I feel like it’ll be another thing that might be papered over in the future.

At least we’re getting closer to the High Priest though.

It seems that Main, the actual Main, was born with Mana which only nobles possess and because only nobles are meant to possess it the poor who are born with it get devoured by it before their baptism.

This might be the reason why Urano was able to transport into Main’s body and might actually mean the Main that was there before is all gone now. If Main had died and the shell of her body was, unfortunately, used to home Urano then I guess it gives us a sad reason why this whole thing has come about.

In its way it also makes sense too.

If Main was being devoured by mana then that mana could have exploded pulling the force of Urano into the shell that is Main’s body and the reason why the fevers come and go could just be because the mana needs to be used to keep Urano stable inside someone else’s body, or it could be that a bit of Main survives and is battling it or it could be that the crafting stuff is what is using up some of the mana and just exerting the body is enough to let the mana make her ill.

See why did it take so long to get something interesting happening?

4 thoughts on “Ascendance of a Bookworm : Seeds of Suspicion”

  1. I definitely found episodes 6 + 7 to be a bit more enjoyable and that was largely because of the additional characters as well as the feeling that we were making some progress with the story. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the episode.

    1. Yeah, I mean I think Main’s story will always bug me but having characters that don’t kind of get caught up in her being smarter then everyone and force rules and some common sense on her and can beat her makes her smugness bearable.

      Which sounds mean but she’s a little kid regardless of how old she used to be and the fact that she refuses to be Main just aggravates me. So Lutz seeing through her a little and Benno outsmarting her and Marco not just bending to her will reels her in a little and lets the story actually move on. I just kind of hope at some point she actually realises she’s lucky to have taken the place of someone who no longer obviously exists because she doesn’t seem to care about that.

        1. Yeah it bugs me. She’s so fast to be grumpy that the dad is overbearing and stuff but sees the state this little girl was in being sick all the time and never questions who she was or how much the family must suffer. I’m kind of hoping the next episode might change all that, I feel Lutz is going to be the character to force her to think about it.

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