The Anxiety Experiment #6 : Stardew Valley EVIL EDITION

Hey guys! So I came back. Not that I’ve been gone anywhere and we started streaming a “Evil” play through of Stardew Valley.

Meet Karen, a Joja loving misery guts that is going to spend all her money on destroying Stardew Valley. Yes I’m doing the Joja route and it is boring as hell but I speak for nearly 2 hours straight and whilst my voice is annoying you do not know how hard it was for me!

(This post was originally meant to come out last night but I got distracted and forgot to post it and it was still open when I woke up this morning. Sorry.)

So yeah due to the tooth, getting behind on things and gaming way too much I unfortunately had stopped streaming. Sounds weird seeing one of the things I was doing was gaming but I just never got the house to myself or time to actually do these things.

Today for the first time I had time in the afternoon to actually sit down and play some games on the old Twitch.

I had someone from work check out my VODs on YouTube for Bear With Me and one thing he said was that I always sounded bored, on the other hand Luc watched them and told me that I didn’t talk enough. Both excellent bits of criticism. I don’t think I can help the state of my voice as I was just terrified of what I was doing, it wasn’t so much that I was bored more that I was terrified that my voice was annoying as for not talking much Bear With Me is a story heavy game with lots of voice acted cut scenes which I didn’t want to talk over. I noticed it myself that people would pop in during a long cut scene and then leave before the cut scene had ended and whilst I wouldn’t know what to say to a random number that was just popping in not hearing or seeing the person playing the game can be a big turn off.

I know. I tend to wait to see if the Streamer is saying anything before I give up and go.

It couldn’t be helped in that game so I decided not to finish it off but instead play something chill and see if I could comfortably talk for a long period of time.

What I learnt was I could.

I had a few people pop in and out, no one really stuck around and maybe it was because I talked too much or not about interesting things but the experiment very much for this stream was whether I could just keep talking. Very often during Bear With Me I would get nervous and ummm and ahhh a hell of a lot which is never a good thing so it put me off talking because I obviously just couldn’t do it but this time I just talked.

Not saying what I said was interesting or not but I was there, talking.

Next obviously is to find a balance and maybe even be brave enough to post on Twitter or here or somewhere that I’m streaming so that maybe someone might actually come in to have a chat.


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