One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 (4 Hours Played)

It just so happened my pay day coincided with a sale on anime related games on Steam, of course that meant as a One Piece fan I automatically brought the two One Piece games on sale (Burning Blood being the other one) and unlike my usual purchases which get brought and forgotten about it was instantly downloaded for me to play.

4 hours later and how do I feel?

One day I’ll get some cool RPG One Piece game, like a full on open map adventure to play but till that day Pirate Warriors 3 is actually a bloody fun game to play.

The main game takes you along on the adventure so far. As one of the Straw Hats, you start obviously with Luffy and add to the crew as it happened in the manga/anime, you get dumped on a map swarming with enemies and its up to you to defeat them and the main missions which usually include keeping the friendly bases safe, making sure none of your main companions are beaten and then defeating the main foe of the story. Like all games of this kind there are a bunch of other side missions you can do from defeating hidden (well not really hidden but extra) characters to reaching certain targets (500 ! attacks, 1000 enemies KO’d etc) so that you have a reason to go back and redo levels.

As the crappy gamer I am I spam the buttons to beat everything in sight, it isn’t pretty but it works. The game suffers from lots of pop up explanations on how to do everything but not really explaining things, if you aren’t intelligent and have already gone into the control options then all the explanations does is tell you which buttons you should press without actually telling us what button that is. So whilst I managed to barge my way in the ugly way I do through the first level and kind of figure out what every button does it wasn’t help to the 100 pop ups I had to deal with.

Its graphics aren’t the best but they are pretty cool bringing the 2D animated world of One Piece into a 3D world. One bit it does really well is the smiles, it truly has those big stupid grins that the Straw Hats tend to get down perfectly. Its actually a very pretty game with a decent soundtrack, which is really needed because its a addictive game and you don’t want to be playing it for hours on end on mute.

That is the thing though it is addictive. I don’t usually go for this type of game, I’m much more into story based gaming and interactive gaming but this is seriously addictive.

Its really simple to play so you have good fun taking out your aggression on it, then you figure out what the ? Missions are and how you are meant to 100% each level, the coin system and level up system starts to make sense and you suddenly find yourself wanting to put effort into side quests and leveling things up. It kinda gets its grips on you and suddenly you find yourself clicking through tons of screens to find the right thing to do.


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