Kabukicho Sherlock : Kobayashi the Man, Giving It His All

Episode 6

Kan Kobayashi, yarussu” (漢 小林、やるっす)

Another week and another look at a different detective. This series just gets better every week.

This show is so weird that I don’t feel like I am ever able to put my thoughts in order when reviewing it.

This episode kind of was a little less crazy and it also just gave us the backstory of Kobayashi who we see time and time again and actually has a easy enough personality and character to get.

Actually you know what Kobayashi is a great character.

He’s always around and he’s usually a big part of why something tends to be funny. Finding out that he has a big heart and was thrown out of a gang because he let someone who owed them money go instead of beating them up for it was pretty great.

Not only that but getting the lovely ending to that story that he worked his ass off to repay the money he lost AND the guy he let get away finally got a manga printed and it was about him made it even better.

Even the story of the kid that stole was kind of sweet.

Like always though there isn’t much to say about the story. It was funny but weird as well.

I think one thing that is a big plus for this show is that it allows really weird characters to flourish even if it is for one story, it allows Sherlock to be the smartest person in the room without having to have the story about him and no matter what happens a whole bunch of characters get to make a important impact on the show.

Which leads to a great feeling of loss when they aren’t in the episodes but that doesn’t take away because you get there are so many that there needs to be rotation.

Other then Mrs Hudson.

I am so angry there was no Mrs Hudson.

A show no one is talking about which is a shame because as crazy as it is, it is a lot of fun.

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