High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another world : It Seems Shinobu Has a Shinobi’s Intuition!

Episode 7

Nin wa shinobi no kan ga hataraku yōdesu!” (忍はシノビの勘がはたらくようです!)

We’ve had the politics, we’ve had the people’s revolution and we’re heading towards a war but it is Shinobu that we are going to follow for a bit to learn just a little bit about who we are going to war with in the first place.

Smile they say to the people as they stand there frowning at everyone.

Gone is the happy go lucky feeling anime we started with. We saw it start to go downhill the moment that money was enough to have a village burnt down to “learn their place” and a Lord or whatever he was is able to kidnap random women to rape them.

Politics can be dark but the take over of Dormundt was actually pretty peaceful in the end. We knew a war was upon us but we’d seen the blood and fighting so what was the worst that could happen?

A village left to starve to death who turned to killing travelers and eating them just to stay alive. Forced out into the streets to sing along to a Oath telling their Lord that they are happy, well fed and lucky to be alive with smiles on their faces. A child beaten nearly to death, probably to death if Shinobu didn’t step in, purely for having dirt on her sleeve.

This entire episode added a completely new and dark side to this show that I wasn’t really expecting it to ever take.

Oslo El Gustav seemed like a problem but a monster?

I liked that the overall story being told was that where there is great power there are people ready to abuse it. Gustav uses his power to step on those below him to get what he wants in the name of their Majesty and not doing as he says is punishable by death, that is if you survive long enough to even refuse to do as he says.

This episode was chilling enough with finding out a nice looking village full of happy looking people was actually a home of murdering cannibals but maybe seeing the animation on the eyes, the discoloration to show off the jaundice due to malnutrition, was even more chilling. The fact that those who have made this didn’t shy away from making your heart hurt for a bunch of people who were trying to murder two of our main characters and had eaten a bunch of people was something else but it is what makes this show so good.

Gustav saying that all the peasants could do to show their gratitude to their Majesty is to die was just sad.

His attack on Dormundt was terrifying and as they were unable to stop it I wonder how the city will be when we return next week.

Honestly I did not expect this anime to chill my blood the way it did this week.

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