Assassins Pride : The Gray Witch

Episode 6

Haiiro no Majo” ( 灰色の魔女)

So we can only hope that now that Elise and Melida have proven their point to each other and Elise’s evil retainer that we can have at least some happiness along with the obviously coming next dark thing to happen.

Which I guess will be the Gray Witch. Just a hunch.

I could do with more episodes like this though I would have liked to know when Melida and Elise became friends with Mule la Mor. I’m not upset about it by any means, I really enjoyed watching them spend time together and the story that Mule and Salacha told was amazing. Just the last episode had Mule taking samples of Melida’s magic and I can’t remember ever seeing them together talking then suddenly they are friends.

This was just a fun episode. For a change there was no meddling by someone who wanted to harm Melida and she was just allowed to be a teen doing teenage things with other teens.

No one judging her, no one trying to kill her.

I mean, not really.

It all revolved around a secret meeting the two schools have as a unofficial closing party to the tournament and then the story of The Gray Witch, a lady whose heart had been ripped out by her husband who then committed suicide with the heart leaving the body behind to roam the streets to find a new heart.

The story was just a scary story that Mule and Salacha decided to tell Melida and Ellie as none of them had any interesting love interest stories to tell but soon it become all too real.

Just watching them scared running around but not really scared was great. It is hard to explain but they were just being kids. The entire episode was very light hearted which was the dead give away that the Witch that showed up wasn’t really a Witch and then by the time she finally kind of showed her face it became all too obvious that it was Rosetti.

Having the two instructors terrify the kids on purpose, everyone just letting their hair down and not even a tiny hint of something nasty happen was really what the show needed.

We finally got to see Ellie and Melida hang out with no complications, Melida wasn’t being picked on so was happy and we even got to see a bit of two students who we probably won’t see for a while seeing this was the end of the two schools coming together.

I could just do with more episode like it honestly.

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