The Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious” : The Great Dragon Mother is Too Sneaky

Episode 6

Ryūōnanoni zuru sugiru” (竜王なのにズルすぎる)

Such a ridiculous and lewd anime actually ended with a dramatic and sad cliffhanger in Episode 5 so it’ll be interesting to see what path they take to get out of Elulu’s new predicament.

I’m not really that surprised at how they handled it, I am surprised that the Dragonkin were so obsessed with the sacrifice to the point that the Leviae would have rather died then allowed Elulu to live and trust Seiya to find another way to defeat the Demon Lord.

That being said it led to a really interesting fight between Seiya and Leviae which was good.

For me this episode showed the side to Seiya we need to see more of. In his own way he was reaching out to his party and telling them that they meant something to him even if he did call Elulu his Precious Baggage Carrier instead of friend, this is the first time he really shown a lot of warmth towards them. Him telling Elulu she knew what to do was a obvious miscommunication as it just isn’t in Seiya’s personality to actually just give someone up to win his battles, for him there is nothing that he can’t handle if he trains and prepares for long enough so getting Igzasion at the expense of someone else never seemed like a option.

Why that didn’t feel like a option I don’t know because most of the comedy at the beginning of the season seemed to revolve around him not caring about other people but that little flash of a possible back story to why he is the way he is kind of changed that completely and the show has slowly started to change him from just a ridiculous over the top cliche of the hording RPG player to someone with actual emotions, moral codes and humanity in him.

They haven’t really shown that in story yet but I guess it is a good thing that I felt that way? Probably?

Episode was good though.

Very emotional for Elulu and Mash that kind of brought them together, some really funny moments from Rista that were much calmer and fitting with the situation they were in. Battle against Leviae as well as her basically being a crazy bitch were amazing and Seiya actually acting like a Leader and a Hero was a nice difference.

When this show was bad I gave it hell for being bad so I have to give it props for managing to turn it around in a few episodes.

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