Hataage! Kemono-Michi : First Student x Pain in the Butt

Episode 7

Hatsu Deshi × Mendokusai Hito” (初弟子×めんどくさい人)

Never has a title been more deserved then Pain in the Butt. Guess you can’t guess who the pain in the butt is?

One really important thing happened in this episode and it happened at the end.

In Episode 7 we are finally getting a Wrestling promotion in this world! Yes that is right the banker saw Genzo’s first Student Celes fighting in public with other Hunters who had upset her and came up with the idea of a wrestling promotion out of thin air.

Just Genzo has to be a wrestler again.

That wasn’t really the main focus of the episode, as I said it came right at the end, it was Celes that was the main focus and Genzo being…


A pain in the butt.

It again toed that line between funny and distasteful as Genzo refused to help Celes until he found out that she had scales on her stomach and back, then it turned a little pervy before being a little silly. It flashes through these so fast you kind of forget that there was anything that you didn’t like before hand.

I liked the other girls trying to help out too, even Camilla got involved even if her talent only lay in showing her sexy poses.

To be fair this is where the fun is going to really start. Instead of having the stupid beast stuff all the time which I enjoyed but it was stupid we’ll see Genzo training and the girls getting to take their frustrations out on people in the ring and hopefully for them all to find their calling in life.

As well as money, food and enough people to buy merchandise of the Mistress.

It was a fine episode, nothing really special. It sets up for a interesting final quarter and had some great moments like Genzo storming the Hunters Guild and attacking everyone but it relied too much in Genzo’s weird animal fetish which I just find uncomfortable most of the time.

Thankfully with MAO on his way and a wrestling company set up this will heat things up a little!

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