Watchmen : If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own

Episode 4

We’ve been introduced to Laurie Blake, former Silk Spectre who now hunts vigilantes for the FBI.

Where this story goes next you can not predict, whose side we’re meant to be on, who we are meant to believe and just generally what is going on is a mystery that is gonna be fun to try and follow.

When you think you have all the players on the board you learn that you are totally wrong.

In this episode we meet Lady Trieu, there isn’t much to know about her other then she brought out Adrian’s company after he disappeared and she looks up to him for some odd reason. She also is very much in contact with him somehow as she has a statue of him as he is right now. She’s a bit of a strange one and it turns out SHE’S the friend in higher places that Will was talking about as we learn she was the one to kidnap him and return the car.

So I was totally wrong about Doctor Manhattan who seemingly still hates Earth and everyone on it and has no intention of talking to Laurie.

Trieu is a mystery in herself as she buys out land that has something come crashing down on it minutes later by creating a baby from the DNA of two people she doesn’t know and who can’t have children. I have a feeling it’ll have something to do with Ozymandias and maybe we’re looking at his time line totally out of line with the others because half way through the episode we return to his crazy world where we see how he creates the clones of Mr Phillips and Ms Crookshanks after he has totally killed all the remaining ones. They end up shooting the bodies out into space and they disappear so wherever he is being held captive I have a good idea that Trieu will be the one that is trying to bring him back.

For what who knows because he’s just bonkers at this point.

The rest of the episode was actually calm for a change and I liked that.

I liked seeing Angela trying to figure things out, Laurie outsmarting her and the two of them bonding in the way only them two can. I said in the last review that I think that the two of them could be formidable if they team up and whatever is happening is going to happen around them two.

Will isn’t all he seems to be that is for sure and I don’t think either will have a good time of it no matter their feelings on each other if they don’t team up for whatever Ozy is going to bring with him.

I’m just really enjoying the craziness of the series, the story has stayed pretty linear now and I’m enjoying it much better.

Also I have to say that I’m impressed with Tom Mison, his penis has been on screen more sometimes then his face gets a chance to be and he’s playing a bloody clone with sometimes up to three or four of him running around. He’s a good sport. Any time there is a penis I’m pretty much 100% certain it’ll be him.

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