Silicon Valley : Hooli Smokes!

Episode 3

Upsetting rich Chiliean, a weird friendship with Gavin Belson and even more painful break ups with Jared.

This season of Silicon Valley might be its last but it is honestly shaping up to be the absolute best season so far. It is a new problem faced in new ways but usually with the same general outcome.

Remember in season 1 when Richard was working for Hooli, remember all the court cases and attempts to put Pied Piper out of business?

How times have changed as not only did this episode see Dinesh come to terms with him being a bad person but Richard manages to buy out Hooli in a attempt to stop Maximo from buying out Pied Piper.

Whilst the episode wasn’t as funny as the previous two it was very important in moving about the pieces on the chessboard for the final sprint to the finish line for the show. Jared is back in the fold and we were given the foreshadowing that he has a eye for talent so with him under Gwart’s contract and Richard offering to let them work in his offices as part of the Pied Piper family I feel like the get out of prison card will be handed to Richard via Gwart.

Specially now that Colin is in with Maximo.

This is far from over though as he’s up against a Chilean with blood money who just so happens to have Laurie and Colin on his side now.

Plus there will be a pissed off Gavin Belson on the loose too.

What I really liked about this episode though was how it just went back to basics. No big office full of characters we barely care about or too much splitting up of the main characters. They were all together once more doing their thing and fixing a problem that Richard once more has thrown at the company.

Of course Gavin and Richard talking in the park, Jared trying to have himself charged for threatening Richard and Gilfoyle making Dinesh realise that he is a crappy human being were all Silicon Valley at its absolute best, moments like these are going to be sourly missed when the show is gone and these actors and their chemistry are just magic.

That being said I worry about exactly what is going to go wrong now.

With 4 more episodes I don’t think the final chapter of Pied Piper is going to be clear sailing.

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