Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : Didn’t I Say I’m Not Going Into the Forest Anymore?!

Episode 6

Your weekly reminder that this show has no right to be as cute, emotional and amazing as it is.

The bright and colourful world of Mile hasn’t yet left the sad past that Reina has had to suffer and as politics now enter the picture there are many more reasons to cry in a episode that probably will be hard to beat.

This episode had everything you could want and once more it was wrapped in that sweet little bow that every single episode is wrapped in.

Just when you thought that you had seen the true end to Reina’s character development another group attack the Merchant’s on their return journey and we have to truly see just how Reina feels now after the Old Man who they had bonded with was attacked and killed.

It was such a emotional episode but it also had the great blend of comedy that makes the show so unique.

Like I’ve never had my emotions attacked so brilliantly just to have the end story be “he was having a pee” or a moment so heartwarming that then panned to Mavis crying in that adorable way Mavis does.

What about when Mile slaps Reina to get her to understand that Reina’s feelings about not wanting to lose her family is exactly how the other girls felt when she ran off followed by one of the most adorable crying faces as mother Pauline comforts Mile as well as confirms that losing Reina would be too much for the group.

That quick fire between silly little animation moments or character moments that surround a much deeper and sadder story is honestly just what makes this entire show that good. So good that this is the third episode in a row that has actually made me legitimately start to cry.

All the characters might be over the top and crazy but they all feel human. Together their chemistry just blows your mind and already I totally believe and buy into the Crimson Vow, each one brings something new to the table and whilst you could sit and say “well what was the point of the last episode?” the point was that it doesn’t matter what someone says in front of a fire after something horrible happens the proof is when they actually go out and show it.

Reina isn’t a perfect person, her past is so awful that of course she’ll react negatively to something that hits so close to home. That being said it was one quick slap and being saved by her friends that ran the message into her brain that she is no longer alone and that to keep her new precious family alive she has to work with them. Her true progress as a character came when she attacked the leader of the “bandits” but didn’t actually kill him, she learnt that there are better ways to get her revenge and focus her anger.

I don’t know if anything will come of the bandits actually being the soldiers from another country trying to stop this city from making a lot of money but it was a interesting twist instead of just having more bandits to take down and could end up a interesting story later on seeing the girls dipped their toes into something political.

All I know is that I watched this at 7am and it had me in tears and now my head hurts.

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