Watchmen : She Was Killed

Episode 3

Maybe I just don’t have the best of focus but I found it hard to keep up with the second episode and whilst I loved it and how crazy it was as well as how many mysteries it gave us I kind of hope that I don’t need to have such a strong attention span for this episode because I would hate to get lost.

We were given a very different episode this time out.

Instead of following Angela or even any of the new characters we kind of got a look at some of the older characters, well one of them, and the entire episode was narrated by a very bad joke.

This is because this episode introduced us to the current time Silk Spectre, Laurie Blake, who has given up her vigilante lifestyle to instead work for the FBI to hunt down vigilante’s. A interesting job for someone who we all know.

Though I’m sure her humour is just as well received as her fathers was.

It was a good change of pace for the series. The first episode built a new world that we had all been dumped into and introduced us to new characters, the second episode was a bit jumpy and confusing whilst this one gave us a linear story following a new yet old character with a solid motive going forward.

Whilst we still kind of have the questions of why did Laurie end up the way she is and is Doctor Manhattan going to come to her or anyone else’s aid and not just drop cars out of the sky, also how does he know Will and why did he abduct him in the first place or even is it really Doctor Manhattan that did any of those things or am I reading too much into it, as well as what happened to Nite Owl and why does she have a owl.

Add that to whether or not Judd is a racist, why people have taken Rorschach and made him into the idol of White Supremacy  and what the actual fuck is going on with Ozy and we just have a growing amount of questions that I have a feeling we just won’t get answered.

Jean Smart was fantastic as Laurie Blake honestly and I loved that she just gave absolutely no fucks about anything. Her bad jokes as well as her correcting the senators poor vocabulary just made me laugh and whilst at the moment she’s kind of against Angela in a way I think Smart and King have great chemistry and in a way I kind of hope they end up coming together because oh my goodness will the world tremble if they came together.

I mentioned Ozy above and it would go amiss not to mention that his story is batshit crazy and I love it.

There isn’t much to say other then the fact that I think that he is in prison in some sort, has a lot of clones and is crazy as heck with his clones.

By far this episode was my favourite one.

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