Babylon : Strategy

Episode 6

Sakusen” (作戦)

The race is on to see if the team can arrest Itsuki before the national debate. With little to nothing to work with it’ll be hard for them to figure out a way to do this.

Answer to that is they don’t.

Once more I’m not sure how any of this really fits together. I really enjoy the show and I find myself emerged in everything going on but I can’t actually explain to you what exactly IS happening or why.

In some way the Suicide Law seems to be a distraction of some sort.

Itsuki has opened a debate on Suicide which actually isn’t a bad thing. He can’t really be blamed for the rise in Suicide just by legalising it, there needs to be a conversation about why people are choosing to commit suicide in the first place which isn’t happening. In the debate he actually makes decent points like how humans use Suicide as a way out when they feel they don’t have any other choices and making it a choice might make it more OK to talk about it, also how making it legal might actually in time decrease Suicide’s.

There is still obviously the problem that was raised that no one can really discuss something like this without emotions. Humans can’t face a subject like death without putting their emotions in the way.

This leads to the kid who had made the viral video being brought out and putting his name down as a candidate for the election.

Now I don’t think we really talked about this kid but I SAID that there would be a kid, I’m sure I did, when we learnt the rules to the election and I’m sure at some point I thought that the kid was going to be related in some way to Itsuki and it ends up being his son.

So is this all a ruse just to get Itsuki in power one way or the other?

How does this have anything to do with Magase?

Why did he even need the ritual suicide on the day of his announcement? Just announcing the law should have been enough.

Nothing seems to be coming together in fact the two people we’re looking at as villains, Itsuki and Magase, are getting further and further apart as far as what they are doing, their plans and what is going on.

That being said I really enjoyed the debate and was left kind of shocked even though I knew it was coming that the kid was Itsuki’s.

I just. I don’t know.

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