Anime Highlights Week 44

4th – 10th November 2019

This week I should be more or less on time so let’s here it for BEING ON TIME!

Classic Heel/Face story…

Something that didn’t register to me until this episode of Kemono-Michi was that IT IS THE PERFECT WRESTLING STORY!

The Hero vs the Demon King. Bad guy vs good guy.

I mean I did get the point because obviously this was set up as a epic rivalry in the last episode with MAO devestated that he could never best Animal Mask but I had never really put much thought into how it is a bloody proper dynamic too.

They didn’t bother summoning just anyone they had a bloody heel come over to defeat the baby face.

Though I guess in this world Animal Mask is more of a tweener then anything else.


You might know by now that I love Giovanni in Fire Force. One reason is that the Plague Doctor get up is always ALWAYS the coolest and most terrifying get up you could possibly have.

The other is because whilst sure the Plague Doctor get up is pretty cool and intimidating in itself but there is something about the way that no matter how angry he gets he just stands there. With no mouth to see, no face to look at we just see the cool exterior of a Plague Doctor whilst inside he is on fire with rage.

He is such a cool bad guy that it is kind of upsetting that in the next episode or so he’ll probably be gone.

Divine Blade turned Divine Cook…

There are times when a God just has too much and Seiya was way too much for Cerceus to handle so when we go back to the Divine Realm this week I was happy to see the Cerceus at first had decided on a career change.

Whilst I feel like the constant returning to the Divine Realm at times is distracting from a really interesting story I have to admit that I love the random Gods that are slowly all being driven crazy by Seiya, coming back and seeing the lasting scars that he has left on the Divine Blade just made me chuckle though I’m happy that he got to really train with Mash and gain some of his confidence back.

Cerceus was one of my favourite parts of last weeks episode and he continued to be a highlight this week.


Average Abilities gave us the backstory of every single member of the group including Nano, the cat thing with Mile.

This was such a good episode because it focused on some really dark and sad things but showed that the girls would face their pasts and their lives in general with a good attitude that can’t be broken and with each other by their sides.

It was also kind of funny that Mavis didn’t really have a sad story, hers was just that she wanted to be a knight and her family who doted on her didn’t want her to. She’s adorable.

I love Mavis.


Fire Force is another show that has no right to be so emotional.

Remember the first half of this season? When we went to Visit the 1st and I got real upset that they rushed the entire story to the point that it didn’t matter and emotionally I couldn’t care less about them?

Vulcan has been in two episodes. TWO. Watching what he had built as a family be destroyed, everything he’s put his heart and soul into since the death of his father and grandfather being broken right in front of him was HARROWING. Truly one of the saddest things you can imagine.

In. Two. Episodes.

This along with Beni’s story has shown that this show has so much potential that the earlier part of the series squandered.

Lisa broke my heart.

A Argument You Can’t Disagree With…

Tsukasa is terrifying and I don’t agree with him at all but I have to say this.

It is hard to disagree with his argument.

Luc didn’t want to go into it too much in the review because we’ve talked about it before but there is a power imbalance in the world today and honestly if the world is reset then I can see why people who were at the bottom of society would see reviving those who did nothing but continue to live in luxury at the cost of other people as a bad thing.

Right now in the UK we’re going through a real tough time where in reality a lot of rich people who have control over all of us are telling us which of them we should vote for and how if we aren’t voting for them we are this or that. They have turned the UK on each other and if the world was reset tomorrow they would probably be the last people anyone in the world would want to revive.

Thing is it is a moral gray area.

Who really has the ability to play god over lives? Who gets to say who can and cannot survive?

It is hard to disagree with Tsukasa which is what makes their argument so good.

Shattered Dreams…

Honestly I try so hard with Ascendance of a Bookworm but most weeks they are the only negative in a mostly positive season.

This time it was the actual Meeting part of the episode that was hard to watch.

Not in a good way either.

It is easy to fall into the thinking that Mine is right, the dream that Lutz has is a dangerous one that he hasn’t thought about. Kid is 6 and he wants to be a travelling merchant because he wants to travel and in this world there is hardly a way to do that. It is a dream that many people have in our own world but it is too dangerous in this one so Mine did the right thing in trying to talk him out of it.

She went about it completely the wrong way and will never see that and as it has at least worked out for her at this moment she’ll think she’s won and done something nice.

In actual fact she, a adult in a child’s body, took a 6 year old boy into a public place to be scoulded at by two strangers and joined in on that scoudling because they know best about the thing he has his heart set on. No one scoulded her for her dream they just pointed out it was a role only for nobles yet not only did she help them tear this child’s dream apart in a public and crowded area she then manipulated him into joining her on her journey to make her dream come true.

How anyone could truly watch that scene and think it was good for Lutz I do not know.

It was cruel, manipulative and borderline abusive on Mine’s behalf.

Lutz adores her and her talking to him and having him quietly talk to Otto in a kind way might have been all it took, helping him find his own dream away from that might have helped. There is about 100 different and kinder ways to destroy a 6 year old child’s dream in front of adults.

Another self serving, selfish act this time bringing a child to tears.

NEVER forget that Mine is a adult. She’s brought all her skills and mindset of being a adult and being in a child’s body does not mean she mentally is a child. She is a adult who absolutely destroyed a little boys life before making him agree to do her bidding.

Creepy Goddesses…

So we meet the Goddess of war Adenela and she’s creepy… She also falls in love with Seiya and she also gets rejected and goes crazy.

I liked the character of Adenela even if I found the whole “Seiya drives Goddesses crazy” thing kind of silly. What her character did was make me sad that they seem to rush through just about everything in this so that they have bits in the Divine Realm and bits actually doing what Seiya was brought here to do in the first place.

Adenela was a cutie though.

The Road Trip way of learning…

I can’t be the only person who thinks of Road Trip any time someone puts the simple thing of a algebra question into words to help someone learn to do stuff?

In High School Prodigies the only good thing in the entire episode was the mini-story of Roo not knowing how to do times tables and in the end it was Akatsuki who told her instead of thinking of numbers to think of coins instead and suddenly she could do her times tables.

The entire side story was cute because it brought together characters who don’t tend to get a lot of screen time or talking time when they are on screen and had them show off a kind side to themselves. Specially Keine who was just kind of boring up until this point but in this episode really came across as being a gentle and nice person who cares.

Plus Roo is adorable.

More Lessons learnt over Board Games…

I really liked the message in After School Dice Club once more.

Not only is it always super pro-gaming but in this weeks episode one of the characters had to learn that to be a creator of anything the first big step is to let others see what it is that you are creating.

By doing this you can get positive or negative feedback which helps your creation phase go by easier and gives you ideas that you never knew could be included in what it is you are doing.

Film makers have screen testing, writers let others see their drafts to get advice on where they are going wrong even something like this blog ends up being delayed because we like to have each other read our reviews before they go out (sometimes) to make sure they are structured well.

Having a second set of eyes on something you are creating can be hard because no one likes to be told what they are doing is bad but it is also the only way that something can turn out good in the end.

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