Watchmen : Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship

Episode 2

I apologise that I haven’t caught up with the show. With a bunch of games coming out I struggled to keep myself on time with the anime blogs so this show kind of fell to the side. Now that I have nothing to get in my way I’ll get back up to date with it.

Specially as the first episode was just so good.

Maybe it is just because I’m going through a bad period and my attention span is shot but I did find this episode very hard at times to keep up with. It felt like it flew around the place quite a lot without any real warning.

One minute we were talking about Will, the old guy, and the next we were in a flashback to the night that made it so that cops can wear face masks after the Kavalry I’m guessing attacked them in the night due to knowing the names of all the cops.

It then flashed back to Angela with the other vigilante’s.

That isn’t to say I didn’t like the episode. It was as strange as ever and gave us so many mysteries to try and get our head around. Learning about Judd, Will trying to get Angela to understand something he barely wants to explain to her as well as going back to the Lord and his strange servants who he has perform a play on how Doctor Manhattan was created.

I mean it was nice to have the flashbacks to see how the world ended up the way it was, even the random bits of history like last episodes look at Tulsa’s Black Wall Street Massacre and this week’s WW1 German propaganda.

That being said it is still the vigilante’s that I find most interesting.

Angela is a great main character. Her relationship with Judd, her moral code, how bad ass she is and now her new relationship with Will are all amazingly portrayed and Regina King is so freakin’ cool as a main character.

Watching her family life and her work life and how different they both are is amazing.

That being said I still think Looking Glass is my favourite of all the characters so far. Not only because he is pretty much this world’s version of Rorschach with the creepy mask, the deliberate way he does things and that voice.

I mean I know I’m going by Jackie Earle Haley’s voice in the movie but still.

It does just about everything in that crazy way that Watchmen has always done everything and it does it so well. There are so many questions that we have and as of yet no indication we’ll ever learn anything more then what we know already.

I love it.

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