His Darkest Materials : The Idea of North

Episode 2

Lyra has left the safety of the College and is now in the hands of Lady Coulter.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing for Lyra?

Right from the start we were given the warning signs that Coulter wasn’t what she seemed and whilst there are now so many questions about her the number one thing we learnt was that she’s actually the one that has been kidnapping the kids and as Lyra slowly learns a little about what she’s got planned with no context to what she learnt it is only a matter of time before we learn what horrific things Coulter has in store for her.

As she promises the kids including Billy and Roger that they will be taken on a grand trip to the North it is obvious that no one is safe with her.

Not only that but beyond their story we see Boreal leave their world and walk straight into ours.

Whilst I kind of knew that was a thing and that we’d probably see that happen at some point it was actually really strange after the first episode to hop into our world the way he did. He’s on the tracks of the guy whose head Asriel apparently brought back with him thinking that he probably has headed into this world instead of being dead.

This show continues to strive on the strength of Dafne Keen’s acting.

Lyra is by far the most interesting character, not only because she is the main character but because she’s just a delightful character to get to know. Whilst nothing that happens to her in this episode is good watching as she uses the strength of her character to persevere even after finding out that her biggest dream to be free with someone like Coulter becomes her biggest nightmare she doesn’t panic but sets her mind on escaping.

Every scene with her and Pantalaimon is magical. The girl is honestly so good.

By the end of the episode she’s been captured by someone else. I half think it is the Gyptians after seeing the hat in the background which looked like the ones that they wear and if so then good.

As well as Lyra’s story the Gyptians are the ones I love. They really seem to care about each other and the scene where they hand over Billy’s vest to his mum really made me cry, the realisation that she was unlucky enough that the Gobblers had kidnapped her little boy. It was heartbreaking.

If Lyra ends up with them I will be super happy.

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