Fairy Gone 2 : Dancing Mouse and Broken Horn

Episode 18

Odoru Nezumi to Oreta Tsuno” (踊るネズミと折れた角)

The show is on a good streak and with them taking down all of Gui Carlin’s men to find the remains of the Black Fairy Tome it is time to go back after Eajey but also uncover the truth about so many other things.

Again I feel like I say this so often but Fairy Gone has always been a show with a rich and interesting world full of mysteries, conspiracies and just a lot of potential for really cool wars and fights.

That being said so often the interesting parts are just given to us in little bits and pieces whilst the focus has been on the main characters whining and bitching about their friends who have taken different paths from them. Lessons had to be learnt a good five or six times and now we’ve got to that awkward point where the character who constantly had to be taught the lesson that she isn’t useless or cursed and has a new family who will fight for and with her has to teach that lesson to the person that constantly was trying to teach her it.

Thankfully both Free and Maryla have had their character stories thrown in with the actual interesting bits and whilst we still have Veronica and Wolfran causing havoc, Ver getting the Fairy Weapon that Eajey dropped and Wolfran attacking them on their way back to HQ with the Black Fairy Tome they just got, and we even still have Free and Maryla talking crap when they are about it doesn’t take away from the actual good stuff.

Like everything about Eajey.

We got to explore just what some of these people are doing and in this case it is making new Fairy Soldiers for themselves including a really cool guy who took control of millions of Fairy Rats.

This then led to Free and Eajey having a epic battle that ended on hanging beams, Free finally just letting go and killing Eajey before Eajey sends them both crashing to the ground just for Maryla to completely defy the laws of gravity and save Free.

It was such a good scene, amazing action coupled with a great soundtrack and even getting to hear a little about how Free truly feels about things like this.

Such a good story.

Everything else of interest in this episode was introducing yet another group, that being the Religious group of Eins.

Of course there had to be a Religious group.

This group seemingly is lead by Bellwood who obviously wants the Fairy Tomes for his own reasons adding yet another party that the government can’t trust on top of all the others.

Thing is whilst it was cool there is also the problem that this is all going to start getting very messy.

Nobles are up in arms, people like Gui Carlin want the Tomes, other people want them, Religious orders want them, no one likes the government much and the only people who seemingly aren’t corrupt or care too much about the government is Dorothea who actually is just made up of very broken people who have a soft side for blondes and trying to help them.

That being said I can’t fault this episode for being fast paced and keeping my interest which so many of their episodes don’t do.

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