No Guns Life : EMS

Episode 5

It doesn’t rain but pours in the world of No Guns Life.

Even in a much less action filled and emotionally driven episode there has to be some action.

We learn a little about the EMS, the people who basically police the Extendeds in the city, before they actually appear and put on a show of arresting Juzo just to get his help. Well not exactly. He broke the law by shooting his gun in the last episode so they arrest him with the promise to release him if he helps them which seems to be the relationship this group have in general.

Altogether the episode was pretty funny what with the opening being about world building and learning more about Juzo, reintroducing the landlady Chris and introducing Scarlett and her father. There were plenty funny moments that mixed in well with the feel of the episode before we took a ride with Olivier who explained about EMS and their relationship with Beruhren as well as the problem they have ended up in with escaped prisoners.

Cue a very short look at “Hug Bear” a Extended that looked super cool but ended up being captured by Station Chief Kronen of the EMS before getting a look at the actual prisoner that Olivier wants Juzo’s help with.

So it left us with a juicy cliffhanger about the first ever recorded renegade Extended, Hayden Gondry, and after seeing Hug Bear in action and knowing this guy is a more difficult prospect you can’t help but wish the episode had been a little faster and we had got too see something of Gondry instead of having to wait another week. But isn’t that the key to a decent cliffhanger?

Well technically it isn’t a cliffhanger at all but you know what I mean.

Getting that hook into us and making us wish that the episode wasn’t ending RIGHT THEN is such a important thing that I think No Guns Life does pretty well most weeks. It never just finishes up a story and lets you sit there and think “OK well that is over” it always dangles something in front of you whether it be questions or the prospect of something better or the need to see how something new plays out.

Again I can’t believe that a show about a guy with a Gun for his head has actually turned out to be one of the strongest series all year.

When I first saw it I thought Anna was taking the piss asking me to review it but it has some of the best written action, mystery and comedy all really well blended into action packed yet fun episodes. The characters continue to shine and even in a episode like this that introduced a whole bunch of new characters each one was given the amount of time to shine that they needed.

It was a good episode.

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