Fire Force : We Are Family

Episode 16

Ore-tachi wa Kazoku” (俺たちは家族)

Once more we mix ridiculous Arthur stories with actual decent and quite scary stories to make us both laugh and know the actual danger these guys are in.

Plus there is more Giovanni.

Arthur’s whole thing in this episode was ridiculous but I guess it had to be done. With Shinra being taken out by Giovanni he was the only fighter left and sure it was more a joke about how stupid he is but it also by the end showed he has heart. Maybe this could be a character development chance for him?

I mean it was interesting to learn that the guy literally needs to feel like a Knight for his sword to work at all let alone get to a decent point but yeah.

Dude had a donkey’s head attached to his crotch for most of the episode.

Even through that stupidity though this episode managed to really hit home not only how bad a situation they all were in but the emotional hammer that was dropped in the second part as Vulcan’s entire world crumbles around him.

Wrongly I thought this episode would be about Vulcan joining the fight against Giovanni and learning that his family could be the 8th, whilst sure he’ll end up joining the 8th, I mean the opening credits give it away, the family the title to this episode means was the one he created after his father and grandfather were torn from him by Giovanni. To then watch as Lisa turned out to be a spy from the Evangelists and watch her turn on him was such a good moment in the show.

That was good but we need to talk about the real VIP.


Now I know you all are bored of hearing about him but boy is he creepy. The way he walks, the way he talks, the way he gets angry but you can’t see it beyond the mask and the fact that now we’re even unsure how much of his body is actually still human.

His hands detach, when he starts attacking Vulcan and destroying things in the house his entire arm is able to spin in circles, the mask on closer inspection looks like it joins to a robotic back of the head instead of being a genuine mask.

Giovanni for me is just the character I want to know more about (other then Li who is my baby and I love him and I want him back and he’s in the opening credits now and boy do I love him also Beni because he’s adorable too…) because he just seems to be super cool.

We have to know that he probably hasn’t fully captured Shinra so Shinra and Arthur must be able to sort this mess out in the next episode but at the same time he so far has been the first person to actually truly take him out and that wasn’t so much because he was stronger but because he was smart.

Boy do I love a smart bad guy.

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