Dr. Stone : To Modernity

Episode 19

Soshite Gendai e” (そして現代へ)

Senku and Tsukasa are properly at war now and whilst Senku has been working on saving someone and helping a Village Tsukasa has been building a army out of the revived.

So this episode kind of went a long way to show just what Tsukasa has been up to as well as showing off how they might not have scientific advancement but they still have brains and skills that will be hard for the others to win against.

We get introduced to Homura who seems to be some kind of gymnast that works with Hyoga and once more shows off the above. Skills that we wouldn’t even think about that can come into use when someone needs them, it is something that the Kingdom of Science doesn’t really have right now. Oh sure they have Kotaku who is as close to Homura as she can be and Kinro probably will be the guy that has to go up against Hyoga whilst Magma will be the one that needs to attempt to bring down Tsukasa but they have very bare skills that haven’t been honed by years of training from experts and techniques that have been created over millennia.

So we’re going to move to cellphones.

It seems like a big jump from making a simple enough drug that takes a lot to do to making circuit boards and stuff but instead of thinking it is stupid or one thing too far for Senku I’m actually interested in seeing if we again get to see the science that goes into making whatever it is he ends up making.

Hyoga is on his way to raise a army and it doesn’t feel like that will take too long so they don’t have the 6 odd months they had to make the drug to do this in, especially if they want to be the ones attacking and use the element of surprise.

That being said it was just nice to be reminded that Taiju and Yuzuriha are still alive and somewhere and that they’ll come into play at some point.

It was a very dramatic episode with the Kingdom of Might taking first blood but being outsmarted by pure accident as they don’t know enough about science to be wary of the mountain where the Sulfur is. That being said they also have seen enough of what the Village has to offer that the only way Senku can think of beating them is with communication and being able to pick off the oncoming army one by one at their weakest points.

We’re getting close to the end of the season so I have a feeling that we are going to rush through a few stages just so that we can see this war and I’m hoping the war gets a good amount of time because even if it ends up being the Kingdom of Science breaking apart the army and getting in close to the main core it’ll be interesting to see happen.

We still need those communication devices first though.

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