Ascendance of a Bookworm : Meeting

Episode 6

Kaigo” (会合)

I’ve got to the halfway point and still struggle to watch this show, episode 7 will be the final episode I watch unless this changes dramatically.

Warning. Rant ahead.

I think this has come about because of Mile in Average Abilities.

Having no idea her backstory I just assumed that she had been reborn in another world but she actually was thrown into a horrible situation in a child’s body herself and just tackles life with positiveness. She has a goal and sure the show is a different beast in itself but even when she’s bringing our world into this new one she actually realises it and feels bad or embarrassed.

Again I know the shows and the characters are hardly something you can compare but the feeling they give the viewer is what matters.

Even when they dial back on the arrogant adult looking down on poor people and a world she doesn’t understand there is something unbearably smug about Mine. Even the Merchant Benno notices that she’s not a normal girl and maybe, hopefully, especially as he’s named her fevers as possibly being this “devouring” thing there might be a moment in the next episode that makes me care enough to carry on.

I want to meet the Priest at the beginning, I want to know what the Devouring actually is.

Unfortunately I just don’t want to have to deal with watching a stuck up, know it all, snobby little girl running around totally incapable of realising that she’s been given a second chance in the body of a girl who either died as well or has just been wiped out of existence and spends the whole time just thinking about herself.

How does she really know everything?

I’m a bookworm and I have 0 knowledge of how paper is truly made. I have 0 knowledge of how most of the things she knows how to make are made. I get the crafty stuff and I can swallow that she’s just perfect at everything because so far she’s failed at the things she wants most in the world. How does she know exactly how to create the tools to make paper?

Sure she might not end up making paper but she knows way too much about how to do it.

No one, I’m sorry but I’m going to say it, NO ONE in the world holds that much knowledge.

Being interested in things and knowing the basic principles. Fine.

Being taught crafts by your mother and knowing how to make things. Fine.

Being absolutely perfect and knowing how to make tools that craftsmen spend their life knowing how to make and mindlessly being able to create things that are absolutely amazing. No go.

She’s too perfect.

Add that she has a horrid personality and I struggled to get past her meeting with the Merchant in this episode let alone the fact he’s agreed on condition of her making paper to let her and Lutz be his assistants.

I spend most of the reviews just telling you how much I hate her character because that is all this show is about. Her. Her being mean, her looking down on people, her looking at the world through a tunnel visioned, up her own ass adult perspective without caring that THERE IS A GIRL THAT HAS LOST THE ABILITY TO LIVE HER LIFE BECAUSE SHE’S BEEN GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE.

This might actually be my biggest problem.

It isn’t a problem in Average Abilities because Mile seemingly has just fallen into that life and cares that she’s been given this second chance. I get that they also don’t really look at the girl who lost her life to give Mile a second chance but she also doesn’t rub you up the wrong way episode after episode and at least her story is her family are freakin’ horrible so it isn’t like the girl she took over had much of a life to lead anyway.

Mine has a loving family that she is always rude to. She has a guy who is going out of his way to be nice but he wasn’t even allowed to tell his story of how he fell in love because she didn’t care so we got the Mine version of it. She has a boy that would do anything for her but she’s too mean to let him and his dreams die a peaceful death knowing it is wrong for him and instead kind of entraps him into her own world because he’s in love with her and too young to notice that she’s a controlling witch.


You are meant to look at her relationship with Lutz as sweet but she doesn’t even allow him to have his own dreams.

Sure his dream is a bad one but she sets Otto on him in this episode to tell him it is a bad idea, she joins in on Otto and Benno basically RIPPING HIS DREAMS APART knowing that her own dream is also ridiculous in this world (but of course she’ll reach her ridiculous dream) before ushering him into helping her make her dream come true.

Lutz is a sweet boy who would do anything for her but this episode he was treated like a slave. Most episodes he’s treated like a slave and whilst he can be the voice of reason he always ends up bending to her will.

You lied to your dad? Well I might as well help you do the thing so that you don’t get sick.

You blame your mum for your own mistakes? Well that is fine we’ll just find something else to do.

She looks down constantly on Turi and even seems to find it kind of funny that she’s meeting Turi’s hero and that Turi got jealous. She’s constantly rude and manipulative of her father and whilst if she wasn’t ALL OF THIS ALREADY her bargaining with what she knows from our world to get what she wants from Otto might not be so annoying she does it in that smug way that she does everything.

How is this girl a Librarian?

How is she a bookworm at all?

She’s just a stuck up cow.

EVERYTHING else about this show I love.

Her family are nice and whilst they don’t have much going for them most of the time being treated like loser by Mine they have a interesting story I’d love to actually know about. Otto is extremely interesting because he did have to buy his Citizenship and he fell in love with a wealthy woman who obviously loves him back but we can’t even get that story because A BOOKWORM found it too boring to allow to be told on screen. Lutz is a great character but he now has no actual character because everything he wants, everything he dreams of has turned into Slave number 1 in Mine getting her own way.

The world is interesting even if Mine looks down on it and I would love to know more about why Mine was given a second chance when she’s such a horrible person.

Unfortunately it is her character that makes it painful to watch.

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