Anna’s Quest (11 Hours Played)

I will point out you can probably complete the game a lot faster then that and its hard to tell how long it took me to complete as I played a good bit of it before realising that I’d been distracted and knew nothing of the story and went back to play it again.

Also don’t take that as any kind of indication of the game itself, mentally I’ve been all over the place recently so its easy to get distracted.

Anna’s Quest is another beautiful click and point adventure game from the German company Daedalic Entertainment. I say another but I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed the only other game I’ve gotten around to playing so far since discovering them but I have actually fallen in love with the company.

The game was released in 2015, I will fully admit to buying the game purely because the main character has my name, though once I realised it was by Daedalic I would have brought it any ways.

Today I finished the game after deciding to pick a random game I hadn’t played and working to complete it. Was it worth it?

This game has the ability to take you completely by surprise.

The story is told like a fairy tale. Its cutesy and you can think in the beginning that you’ve stumbled on a game suitable for children but that won’t really interest a adult.

You’d be completely wrong in that.

The main character Anna goes on a quest to save her sick grandfather who wouldn’t let her leave the farm in the middle of a forest. On her way to find a cure she’s kidnapped by a wicked witch and the rest of her quest is just one terrible event after the other.

Its classic click and point goodness. The story is in the forefront, and its a great story, you don’t get too many clues on how to do things so you can get stuck rather easily if you aren’t used to the genre. The big “difference” this game has is that Anna has telekinesis and can use it to her advantage. Saying that I found that her telekinesis didn’t always come into play which was good, especially as its only a experiment at the beginning of the game that made her aware of it. You don’t suddenly become super powerful she just kind of muddles along.

The game is simpler then most as it gives you the option to press the space bar and see what it is in the frame you can interact with. In a few games (the Monkey Island ones and Sam and Max especially as you’ll know from my ramblings about them) they don’t have something like this and something you might have taken for granted as being part of the background or you clicked on once and was unimportant will go overlooked. Not only do you get the chance to spot out everything of interest but the dialogue is helpful in hinting you towards areas that will be of interest later on, just because you can’t use something now doesn’t mean you won’t in a few moments time after just the right cut scene.

It still has some of those annoying puzzles that take you forever and a day to figure out but there aren’t quite as many and I found the game much easier to get a handle on then others I’ve played. Your inventory doesn’t get so clogged up either so it isn’t as difficult to fiddle around to find a solution as it is in others.

Animation wise it reminded me a lot of Hokus Pokus Pink Panther which was one of my favourite games growing up. It was a beautiful looking game but very cartoonish instead of beautifully detailed like Curse of Monkey Island or the Kings Quest games. Much more like TellTales Sam and Max just prettier in its own way.

Where the strength of this game lies is the story though.

As I said it starts off very kiddie-like and when I first started playing I thought it was aimed at a young audience. You soon learn different as you are confronted by ghosts, ill tempered characters, a very anti-child feel, end up in hell and in the end the game ends on actually a really sad note. The more you play the game the more engaging it becomes and the more you find yourself immersed into the world around you. It being a little easier then other games, less complicated and more story orientated played to its advantage.

The ending broke my heart and I truly wish there had been two endings to it because the quite sudden and definite ending was truly one of the saddest things I’ve ever had to sit through and watch.

It’ll make replaying the game even sadder, but replay I must as I only got about three quarters of the achievements and must go back to finish the rest.

Really impressed with the game.

Where does it fit on our list of games though? I think this might be the first game going into the list this year, the last one being Game of Thrones back in December.

Gameplay wise its a solid 8. A little simplistic but still fun.

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