After School Dice Club : A Fledgling Designer is Born!

Episode 6

Hiyokko dezainā tanjō !” (ひよっこデザイナー誕生!)

What could be more fun then board games with our three favourite girls!

In a strange twist this story had a really interesting point to make.

I mean it makes decent points anytime that Midori is the main focus of the episode but this one made a very interesting point I think a lot of people forget.

She was told by a representative of a Board Game company that her game could not be created alone and she took it kind of the wrong way.

Mainly because the guy was very blunt.

The point he was trying to make was that play testing needs to be a thing.

You can have the greatest idea in the world but it needs to be tested by other people to see the flaws you can’t see. She seems to have taken it that someone else needs to help make it but in reality playing the game, even at a unfinished point, lets the author see the holes they can’t see and improvements they might never have thought of.

It was a mean way to put it but in some ways it is exactly the way Midori had to hear it as she then let Miki and Aya play it and learnt what she needed to do to improve.

Her game seemed incomplete when she was talking about it and unlike the others I couldn’t really see a point in playing it. The rules seemed a tad over complicated but also so simple and in the end the girls seemed to kind of like the game but get bored at the same time. Their suggestions of pets, negative points, chance cards and everything else are things that could spice up the game and give it a more thoughtful side. They aren’t things that Midori would have ultimately thought of because even when playing the game herself the idea in her head will always seem good but to others it was kind of boring.

I really like that she trust the girls and that she saw the truth in George’s words even if they were harsh. The fact that she went from thinking about making games as a art form that only the author should have a say in to seeing that to improve she needs to have other eyes on it was a great moment.

It is also a great lesson for anyone doing anything to learn.

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