Silicon Valley : Blood Money

Episode 2

Everything is different yet everything is the same.

Jared is pulling away, Richard is having yet another dilemma and Gilfoyle and Dinesh are being ridiculously cute together as real BFFs usually are.

I didn’t mention Hooli in the last review.

Everything really is changing and after refusing to merge with Google due to losing the name Hooli in the deal Gavin has reduced his company to pretty much nothing.

Whilst they are no longer a threat to Pied Piper seeing them basically in the state that Richard has been throughout the series is funny. Gavin, Hoover and Denpok as a group is always hilarious and seeing Gavin given a three month time limit to make money out of the bare bones of the company that he retained and coming up with ridiculous plans that Hoover and Denpok have to stop is going to probably be a highlight of the series.

Back to Pied Piper and Jared leaving really broke my heart.

I mean this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this but this time it is for real and it’ll be difficult for Richard to even enter into Jared’s life again after insulting his new boss and being chased out of the house by a enraged Jared. Actually I like it, we always see this dark side to Jared and I like that he finally let it out on Richard, it shows that a little bit of him has finally given up on him which is sad but also Richard never truly cared and I do kind of hope that they can come back together by the end of the series but if not at least Jared finally stuck up for himself.

Also Jian-Yang has been… Enjoyable to be around. I like this deflated Jian-Yang.

Without Jared though Richard has ended up in a problematic situation with someone who wants to give him one billion dollars for 10% of the company but whose money is basically blood money and wants to use the company to data mine.

So Richard went from someone doing it to sell adds in a game to someone who will basically use it in the most corrupt way possible.

I have a feeling in the end they might end up having Jared save the day but it will be interesting to see if he bothers to try and sort it out himself or bring in his other friends. It feels like the higher up Richard has got the more he’s forgotten that whilst he might be the genius in the group he lacks just about everything else that he needs and that was why the group worked. Every single one of them brings something to the table and he’s just lost his businessman but maybe he needs the others.

To be fair he did say he’d go to them but Monica convinced him not to so who knows.

As for the other two it wasn’t really a Dinesh episode as the head of HR wraps Gilfoyle around her finger and gets him to hurry up with his coding instead of putting everyone behind.

It is nice to see Gilfoyle beaten by someone but I also kind of hope that there is more of them two fighting each other intellectually and maybe even a place in it for Dinesh to help out. After all the entire group have always brought something to the table so maybe the two of them can out think one person if they tried.

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