High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World : It Seems Lyrule’s Growing Closer to Him!

Episode 6

Riruru wa kyori o chijimeru yōdesu!” (リルルは距離を縮めるようです!)

For a show that usually hits the very highest of notes for me this week was a bit of a let down.

I’m not the biggest fan of romance in general but I at least need a good build up and reason to care for it.

From the very beginning the Tsukasa/Lyrule thing was just strange to me and put there purely to have a love angle right from the get go, there has been nothing natural about it and it has been bizarre throughout.

My biggest problem with it though is that Lyrule doesn’t really have a character. Her only decent showings so far is when she was captured because being the damsel in distress isn’t exactly a hard thing to make a character into. Away from that she’s all over the place and whilst I get that she’s meant to apparently be a kind hearted girl who believes in the best of Tsukasa because she has a crush on him and has since she saved him her actions just annoy me.

Going around acting like he is the only person who deserves thanks for saving her even after finding out he was the last person who wanted to save her. Demanding things of him when she’s meant to be shy and retiring.

There just isn’t a actual character there at all.

So with me not believing in her character every scene she’s in I just get super bored of and can’t really follow along and as the title of this episode suggests she’s in pretty much all the scenes.

That being said there was a good side story with Roo trying to learn her multiplication tables and a prolonged bath scene with her, Keine, Aoi and Akatsuki. Kind of worth it just for that honestly.

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