Assassins Pride : The Golden Princess and the Silver Princess

Episode 5

Kogane no Hime to, Hakugin no Hime” (黄金の姫と、白銀の姫)

It is time for Elise and Melida to come face to face once more in combat and this time not for their families but for themselves.

I feel a little got lost in translation for me but I kind of get what they were going for.

It seems that both Elise and Melida have the complete wrong idea on what the other feels and thinks. Elise wants Melida to be stronger then her and takes her lack of skill with Mana as a sign of weakness whilst Melida thinks that Elise is just humouring her.

It kind of made no sense to me because it was obvious the two were close but I guess it is more down to the way they’ve been raised.

They are the wrong way round.

As Elise has the power and talent she’s being pushed into a role that her life shouldn’t have led her too and her personality is completely against whilst Melida should be in that role but hasn’t got the power or respect to be there yet.

Their family are doing their best to pull them apart whilst all they want to be is together.

So in comes Kufa who tells Melida that this is her chance to get the ever so quiet Elise to open up and as soon as she does Melida knows what she is fighting for and what she needs to do for Elise.

It is a simple story told really well with some fantastic fight scenes thrown in but that is about it as a lot of what happened around that story was either build up to the fight or the Black Madea stuff which kind of just ended as soon as Kufa showed up as well as introducing Mule la Mor who has taken a sample of Melida’s Mana so we’re adding even more nonsense to that story soon.

I still really enjoy the show overall, I like the characters well enough and the stories they are telling aren’t difficult to follow or care about.

Sometimes it feels like you need to take a giant leap, sometimes it feels like you need to write everything down on pieces of paper and kind of sort it all out that way to get it straight in your mind but I’m very much enjoying it still.

I guess my biggest negative is that it feels like one of those shows that’ll make much more sense AFTER you’ve seen it all and go back and rewatch it knowing what the end story is.

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