The Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious” : This Goddess is Too Spooky

Episode 5

Kono megami ga bukimisugiru” (この女神が不気味すぎる)

With two Dragonkin on his side Seiya suddenly has a party whether he likes it or not.

It is really hard to get him.

He’s indifferent to everything so for him having these kids around isn’t such a bad idea now that he’s seen the guts on one of them he even brings them to the Divine Realm to be trained up a bit by the Gods so that they are at least a little helpful.

I get that there is going to be a reason why he is the way he is, we saw a glimpse of it in the last episode (or was it the episode before) and he’s being cold mainly not to get hurt for some reason but at the moment it makes it hard to really care. Like you can see that he cares for these kids but then he says and does some really shitty or stupid things and it just gets tiresome.

His interactions with the Goddess’ is also becoming totally tiresome.

That being said the show isn’t really annoying me as much as I worried after episode 3.

I’ve kind of got the point that it’ll have lewd comedy in it and that doesn’t bother me now that I’ve got my head over it, I don’t think it is done very well at times and sometimes it goes over the top but it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. It didn’t really ever bother me it was just way too in your face and out of nowhere most of the time which it still is but it still isn’t all that bad.

Marsh and Elulu are lovely characters and after this episode it looks like they’ll bring something out of Seiya. Most of the Gods are fun to be around and Rista isn’t all that bad when she’s calm.

So looking at the ingredients it isn’t all that bad.

This episode though proved the problem.

It has the right stuff but it feels like it doesn’t do the right things with them. There were great moments, there were bad moments. Sometimes Seiya felt like he had a defined character that we could laugh at and other moments he went out of that definition and was just a dick. The constant need to grind is annoying and no longer serves as any kind of joke but then again I kind of like Cerceus and being around him and the other Gods.

Honestly this show is a mix of a whole bunch of things and sometimes it works really well sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it goes from one to the other passing through every other station on its way out.

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