Silicon Valley : Artifical Lack of Intelligence

Episode 1

The boys of Pied Piper are back for the final ever series of one of my all time favourite shows.

It is a whole different world and I’m sad that we’ll be saying goodbye.

That being said the first episode took no time in jumping into changing everything up.

Now we’re in a massive office, Richard has to speak in front of congress and the world is a much different place then when the guys started in Erlich’s incubator.

With it being so massive it means that interactions between the characters have changed too, Gilfoyle and Dinesh are much more on the floor making space for other random characters in the office to get some time whilst Jared seems to be falling away from everyone and Richard has to battle with his morals with whoever he can pull into his little angry vortex.

It isn’t such a big thing that Gilfoyle and Dinesh aren’t really in scenes with the others that much as their relationship has always been at its best when they are together. Once more it shows again their unique friendship, whilst it can look like they truly dislike each other Dinesh actually really cares about talking to Gilfoyle all the time and when Dinesh asks Gilfoyle to make him a AI he just does it. No complaints. I’ve always enjoyed their relationship and I guess with them falling down the ladder and being much more isolated from the main politics of the show it means that they can just do their thing and keep that really nerdy comedy going without having to be serious at all.

I’m not liking that once more Jared is being pushed to one side though.

It seems every series we have to see Jared try to do his best for the others and none of them appreciating him but at least up until now he’s always been able to fuss and bother Richard. The scene where Richard gets back from his meeting at Congress and just shrugs off Jared was actually really painful and whilst I don’t like that once more his emotions and attempts at helping are being ignored I do kind of like that he is kind of coming through to the fact that he needs someone who needs him. Maybe we’ll see him finally realise that this is actually his problem and it might be better if he works on himself.

Not right now though as he has a new person to fuss.

This series seems to be looking at the moral dilemma of data mining. It is one thing that Richard literally wanted to avoid but it seems his biggest backer Colin is using it in his game. With Jared probably backing out right now it looks like we’ll have to see Richard actually gain social skills and push for his ideal internet. That could be fun especially if Jared goes because the only person Richard can truly be mean to or speak his mind to, even if he does it badly at times, is Jared.

I don’t know where Pied Piper is going to be at the end of the season but I do hope that the boys can all at least be together.

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