His Dark Materials : Lyra’s Jordan

Episode 1

I have a confession to make. I have never read His Dark Materials but here is the BBC adaptation of Philip Pullman’s series and with James McAvoy in the cast it was something I have very much been looking forward to since it was announced!

For someone who has no real idea what the story is about this episode did absolutely everything to hook me in. It was beautiful, the acting was top notch and it poured out a mystery in a mysterious world that you just don’t want to miss out on learning about.

Recently the BBC has made some absolutely stunning shows and this one is right up there with anything else they’ve done.

Instantly I fell in love with the characters of Lyra and Roger, two orphaned kids who had the run of Jordan College but whose lives were never going to be as simple as you would hope for them. Nearly from the get go it becomes obvious that there is something important about Lyra and that her life was not going to be a simple one and by the end of the episode she’s already in the hands of a adult she barely knows hoping to track down Roger who has been kidnapped and taken away.

Everything about the show was amazing.

I guess for me the most important thing was that the actress that played Lyra, Dafne Keen, was just so good. I feel that character could very easily have been annoying in some ways but instead she was fun to be around in the beginning and that translated into her being easy to feel sorry for when you could tell that her story was going to be a sad one. It feels exciting to be on a adventure with her instead of dreading spending time with her.

Then again the entire cast were pretty amazing.

Personally I think going forward I’m going to love spending time in the company of the Gyptians. There was something about the way they talked and the way they all grouped together that just felt real powerful, the entire Gobbler mystery was probably the part of the episode that intrigued me the most whilst spending time with Lyra was fun. It kind of got to showcase a light side to it and a dark side all at once and the darkest side was with the Gyptians but with a actor like James Cosmo in their ranks I honestly would not be upset just spending the entire series with them.

This is going to be a great series!

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