Hataage! Kemono-Michi : Loser x Master

Episode 6

Ponkotsu × Goshujin-sama” (ポンコツ × ご主人様)

Just the episode we didn’t know we needed. One that was about Hanako and a character we had barely just met.

I mean that in the good way, we needed this episode.

It actually wasn’t about Genzo or MAO or anything in this current time except for why Joanna (Ioana apparently according to Wiki) wanted to summon MAO in the first place.

Hanako being that reason.

We didn’t really learn much about Hanako because I think the truth is that she just hasn’t got much going for her. She literally is just food obsessed and that is basically who she is. Of course she’s also deadly loyal, as we learn in this episode and the way she is with Carmella, and extremely strong but she’s motivated by food and always has been.

This is something we kind of knew but get to see play out over a bigger period of time.

The person who doesn’t learn this is Joanna who is certain that Hanako is out to get her at all times. She see’s Hanako bowing to her and begging for Carmella as her showing weakness when actually it just proved how big Hanako’s heart is that she would rather prostrate herself in front of someone she barely remembers but has done nothing but insult her servant then lose that servant no matter how useless Carmella is.

It was a nice change of pace, let us just say that.

From all the craziness to have a story that is now being built up that makes sense and isn’t in any way silly or over the top comedic was a nice slow down for at least one episode. We kind of got that a little in the last episode but now we have a focus.

It isn’t just MAO vs Animal mask but Joanna and Hanako too.

Rose and Carmella on the side.

I feel like the show needed it. I had always said some of the jokes might become old very fast and they haven’t just yet but a week where Genzo isn’t the focus and those jokes are totally retired might help it specially as it might get a little more serious or at least move away a little bit from that side of things the closer MAO gets to finding Genzo.

So like a pallet cleanser.

Plus Hanako is just a sweet character and getting to see a bit of her past and see how she has always been like this is kind of nice.

Also… She can turn into a dragon.

That might be a thing later worth remembering.


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