Didn’t I Say to Make MY Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : Didn’t I Say That We’re Doing Everyone’s Backstories?!

Episode 5

This show has NO RIGHT TO MAKE ME CRY BUT CRY I DID A FEW TIMES! Once more the sweet and happy world of Average Abilities puts a smile on your face even with three not so happy backstories and Mavis.

I love you Mavis.

That is because not only is Reina’s backstory absolutely painful but Paulines isn’t too far from it and even the story that Mile has to share just from coming to this world is pretty sad.

Mavis just wants to grow up to be a knight like her brothers seem to be. She’s a cutie and must be protected.

All three backstories were pretty dark. Reina not only lost her father but then found a new family who gave her everything and trained her just to lose them too. Pauline had her father murdered by someone who wanted to take over his business and steal his wife. As for Mile… I mean to be fair it is partly Cinderella which originally made me question whether or not it was real but then turned into something much more realistic where she was sent to a private school and messed up herself and that is why she’s a hunter.

I cried learning Reina’s fate but seeing the non-reaction of Pauline and Mile to it actually made me super happy.

This is it. This is how the series is going to handle heavy subjects and to be totally truthful. I’m down for it.

They let the stories be told, they showed that the group all had their problems but that they all had each others backs and wouldn’t judge them. People who had no home came together and found a home, all their families had been broken apart, even Mavis had lost her mother, but now they have found a family. It might be hard for Reina who lost a family twice but just hearing that all of them have been through hell and have the goal of doing what is right so that they don’t have to lose anything else bonded them so much.

It was its normal sweet self.

I like that Mile at least has this life out in the open with her friends now and that everyone kind of understands each other more.

In fact it kind of gives a better understanding to why they would all pick each other to hang out with. It isn’t just because Mile was super strong, though that is a reason, but they just kind of gravitated together because they had nothing else.

Honestly think this episode was one of my favourite episodes of anything all year just because it laid out all the characters backstories, motivations and quirks and left us with the uplifting message that they are a family now and have each others backs.

I’ve never laughed and cried so much at the same thing.

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