Anime Highlights Week 43

28th October – 3rd November 2019

With new games out this week I once more took my time in reviewing things but we’re here once more with our look at this weeks anime!

Bloody, bloody war…

There are a bunch of wars going on in Anime this week but for me it started with High School Prodigies who technically weren’t even at war but we saw the beginning of what might be a bloody war and even the warning of its arrival.

As Tsukasa takes over the main city, Inzagi has gone to Oslo El Gustav, a Mage so powerful that he was raised from being a Knight to being a Duke and just so happens to be the man on the path of claiming back the land that Tsukasa and his people have taken.

Why it gets mentioned is mainly down to the fact we were told this war was coming and then Inzagi had his head cut off.

Pretty grim stuff.

Vinland Saga doesn’t even need a war to be bloody.

I mean we’re in a war at the moment but most of the bloodiness of the series recently has been away from proper wars and been more to do with survival and politics then anything else.

In this weeks episode the field of snow ran with blood as Askeladd mowed down his former men and they tried their best to kill him, then Thorkell came skipping along to join the battle and kill even more people.

As always a snowfield is the absolute best place to have a fight like this one, it makes the blood stand out and boy was there a lot of it.

Back Home….

So many of this seasons shows are those that have people transported to another world.

These kind of shows don’t tend to always look back and in fact as a few of these are either focused on those who have been resurrected (Bookworm and Average Abilities) as well as some having the promise to go back after their job is done (Cautious Hero) there isn’t much looking back at their old life…

Unless you are talking about Myne bringing up her past life every few seconds and bringing her world into this world in the most annoying way…

That being said Kemono Michi this week surprised me by going back to visit MAO, the wrestler that was in the ring at the time that Genzo was summoned.

It created interest in their rivalry better then some wrestling promotions manage to do when actually building it and then saw the effect that losing his main rival had on MAO, specially a rival he had never beat before.

Of course this flash back to home was mainly because MAO was being brought to the world but it was just nice to go back to where Genzo came from and see what happened after he had gone.

Be Your Sister FOREVER!

Of all the stories going on in Assassins Pride it is the story between Eli and Melida that both me and Lucius love.

The two girls are just girls who are in a overbearing family that want nothing more then to put the two of them at war with each other to prove which one deserves to inherit the true name of the House Angel.

Just neither really want to do it without the other.

Whilst Melida is forever looked down on and suspected to be  bastard that should be killed, even after awakening mana, Eli is being forced to be someone she isn’t and taken away from her school friends to be made out to be better then them.

Adults want to meddle but the girls want to be together and they seem to be better together then they are apart.

Let us hope their plan works out for them.

“I didn’t know a game this fun existed out there.”

The words of a character in a anime about games that seemingly finds every other game she plays the best game ever.

A little bit of darkness…

Average Abilities is one of the happiest shows I’ve ever seen. Even when faced with a evil noble stealing children to make into some sick harem that she’s dreaming of it is just upbeat and fun.

This is true as well of this weeks episode but for the first time they allowed a little bit of darkness in even if they handled it in a way deserving of the show.

We seemingly will be learning a little more about Reina soon and a dark secret from her past that led to her nearly actually burning someone to death in this episode. Whilst there is obviously a sad story behind all this and it is obvious from a small flashback and her sad question of whether anyone has killed another human it looks like the show will continue to deal with any and all situations in the same light hearted way.

Not to mean it’ll shy away from talking about something much darker.

I mean it looks very much like whatever it is that is haunting Reina will be dealt with as a team. They won’t back down or leave her because of something in her past, they weren’t even angry at her outburst more worried for her that she would actually turn her magic on hurting someone else. That is something I love about the show.

These four girls have just randomly come together and now that they are together they tackle everything as a unit.

I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds and what stories get told when it comes to the others.

Thorkell! Again! Forever!

I’m sorry but have I ever mentioned that I love Thorkell.

We knew that he was big and scary but boy did they want to nail that one home to us in this episode. There is so much to love about his character though and I’m going to tell you why once more.

He’s just everything you always imagined Vikings to be based on how you learn about them without actually going into your own deep research. He loves to fight, which led to a fun moment where he got upset seeing Askeladd’s men starting to fight and ran into battle screaming not to start without him, but because he’s so big and unstoppable he also gets bored which is why I think he’s having a lot of fun with Askeladd and seemingly didn’t want to kill him.

Everything he does he does to stop boredom. He truly believes that he should die on the battlefield and he’s a terrifying opponent when you meet him, he literally fried one guys brain because they’d rather stand there terrified then fight him.

He also has honor though.

This is a war. He is going to fight his enemy and Askeladd is his enemy, if Askeladd’s men desert him he is hardly going to welcome them with open arms when they’ve shown their true colours so he happily takes care of his opponents on the battlefield.

There is just nothing to dislike about him.

His pure joy at Thorfinn showing up so he could fight him was childlike. It was like opening a present on Christmas morning. There was enough snow around to make it even more like Christmas.

Just why wouldn’t you love Thorkell?!

Clown Class

I really loved the addition of a Clown Class in Assassins Pride, the fact that Black Madia can be just about any other class was a really cool thing but the fact that the class was called Clown just made me happy.

It also made me wonder if Melida is actually a duel class or a Clown Class herself?

She has shown the power of Paladin in a few instances, enough to stop her attacker in the last story to leave her be for the time being, so maybe just maybe it’ll turn out that she’s one of them.

Then again I doubt she’d be that lucky.

Still a really cool Class.

New Characters!

So Fire Force didn’t bother to wait around to introduce a bunch of really cool characters.

We had Vulcan, the worlds best blacksmith who the 8th want to join them, possible spy in Victor Licht who was kind of forced on them then the not so new Giovanni finally coming into the spotlight as well as the similarly not so new Sho deciding to make  move personally against his brother.

For one episode all four of them got their time to shine, we got to know a little more about them all and really be left wanting to see how their stories all end.

Not one of them seem like a waste of character, they all bring so many different things to the show and whilst Sho is the end game, Giovanni is going down within a few episodes, Vulcan will probably join the group and be lost a little in the shuffling of characters in the 8th and Licht is gonna be interesting but probably only be a problem for a short while, you kind of already care about all of them in the way that you are meant to.

You want to see Shinra and Sho come together, Vulcan to find himself a place he believes in and Giovanni to be brought down after what he’s done to Vulcan’s family.

You kind of also want to spend more time with Victor but he’s the weird one right now being that he’s meant to be a bit of a mystery.

Just four very strong characters and some of them haven’t even done anything yet!

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