After School Dice Club : A Message for You

Episode 5

Kimi ni Tsutaeru Messeeji” (キミに伝えるメッセージ)

It is the Summer Holidays so time for a vacation!

This was a really nice episode.

Mainly as this episode hit home how far Miki has come socially since we first met her which is also a bit of a weird episode to have not even half way through the series.

Like as you can guess I really liked it but at the same time because the show is more a “this is our topic and every week we’ll explore it” more then a “here are our characters and here is a shared interest they have and we’ll give you a story about both” we have actually barely seen the change in Miki or even knew enough about Miki to care about the change.

Does it really matter?

Not really.

The show does so well for me because it can be its own individual thing every single episode. We do get a little bit of exploration into the characters but it never is super deep and none of them really have much going for them as far as who they were before we met them but even then I was emotional and happy for Miki when her aunt and her mum obviously saw the change in her and were overjoyed by it.

Plus regardless of whether we’ve truly been on that journey with Miki or not they use the flashbacks so well in episodes that you got why she had such a strong feeling when the little boy got confused over the game and why it meant so much to her to be able to help him win a game.

See because instead of going to the beach the girls got stuck inside with a little kid playing GOITA.

I say it every week but if you want to learn more about GOITA you can HERE!

It is a team game where you have to out think your opponents but also second guess your team mate, it is a game that was difficult for a child to understand but with the help of people who truly cared and wanted to teach him he was able to pick it up.

I’ve kind of given up hoping that the story becomes a little more involved, I think some things will link back like the school Festival but I’m not sure I care now either. I think maybe because gaming is a little more fun to have this type of thing about rather then food I’m more involved in what is going on and learning new games is making me really want to buy them all up and find people to play with.

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