Fairy Gone 2 : Balance on Sand

Episode 17

 “Suna no Ue no Tenbin” (砂の上の天秤)

After two really good episodes I’m kind of hoping we’ll have a third in a row. With the trouble at Baleun over and Eagey gone Dorothea have Damien Carme in their custody.

Can I just start with the fact that Marlya is such a pain in the ass character.

I know I mention it nearly every review but she’s just a mess of character development moments that make no sense. Of all the characters being the main one the most development we’ve had is with her but she ignores it, ignores what she’s learnt and then at random times pops up with words of wisdom that she herself never seems to remember when she needs it.

She does my head in.

This time out she has this big thing that Carme is using Ver, of course spending all this time chasing her and seeing what she’s doing doesn’t mean a thing to Maryla because it has to be someone else doing it to her. When he points out she’s on her own, the thing that Veronica has said plenty of times now to Maryla, she gets in a stroppy and declares that she’s still with her. WE KNOW she wants to be but that just isn’t happening any time soon and her stroppy fits about it does my head in.

Veronica is basically a freelance sword. She’s with Carme for her own reasons and is adult enough to make her own decisions up.

There was also a lovely moment that made zero sense in the middle of the episode where Free told her that he works for Dorothea because fighting is all he knows, I don’t know what point Maryla tried to make but it really didn’t make any sense to tell him that he knows more then just fighting because he brought her into the group to fight with him and she has friends? That is basically her point. It wasn’t a well made point seeing the point was that she’s fighting too but she has friends who she acts like she isn’t friends with whenever she gets depressed.

Away from that nothing much happened other then Dorothea making a stand against everyone that I guess Sweety told them was with Gui Carlin. It was a set up for whatever is going to happen next but not much really happened.

It wasn’t a bad episode, the Maryla things were confusing, it was nice to get another explanation of the Fairy Tomes and a idea why people are fighting for the Black Nine plus it was fun seeing Klara and Serge working together.

Just there wasn’t much to it other then to deal with Damien Carme, let Maryla do her thing and put the story together going forward.

So maybe I will class this as the third strong Fairy Gone episode in a row.

Sure why not?

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