Dr Stone : Stone Wars

Episode 18

As always there is no chill for this show. Senku might have won and become the leader of the Village as well as learnt the fate of his father but now Tsukasa’s army is approaching.

For a start it feels weird that for a group that is so anti-adults Tsukasa for any reason would revive adults, but here we have it either very ugly kids or adults fighting for him on the front lines.

You can say that he’s using them as pawns but as the revival medicine is obviously still going to be difficult to make reviving any amount of adults seems stupid really. They also seem to be brutes with no brains which seems to be something that Tsukasa is very easy to figure out just from a stone statue.

Not much of that makes sense.

That being said they attacked, they got first blood after attacking Kinro in what was one of the most emotional scenes the series has had so far but also meant that Senku had to use the last of his gun powder to get them to back off and save Kinro. We then stepped up the science a little so that Katana’s could be made and saw the coming together of Magma, Kotaku and Kinro as the three toughest fighters to protect their home and all that live in there.

I said before that the village seemed to be a very well placed one.

The strategy as I thought it was going to be seems to be to cut the bridge at the sign of any trouble so that invaders can’t get to the main community. Seeing Kinro happily sacrifice himself to stop people getting across once more proved how great that character is and it was nice that he finally got some glasses so that his only real weakness is gone.

That being said it is hard to see where this war is going to go.

Tsukasa is gonna end up bringing a army but with a primitive group that only have three strong fighters it is going to be hard for Senku to truly win this one. I know he’ll use science to do it and it’ll be exicting to see what he brings out next but as of now with no actual indication of what it is he’ll be doing it really is hard to see where they’ll get the upper hand.

Whilst their weapons might be primitive compared to Senku’s they were able to make some sort of spear for Hyogo that allowed him to use a technique that none of the Ishigami Villagers had ever come across therefore have no idea how to fight against. Senku himself was only able to help them by thinking that far ahead and sending a knife to Gen so that he could sabotage the weapon but that isn’t going to work now that Gen has been outed as part of Senku’s group so Tsukasa is going to come back with more thugs and probably more skilled fighters with weapons and techniques better then the brute force of Ishigami Village.

Senku might be able to get around this by teaching them stuff using scientific meaning but at the same time it is hard to image them suddenly being super powered by the time Tsukasa arrives.

We’ll have to wait I guess.

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